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Tokyo Disney Resort on April or May?


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  • [Question] Tokyo Disney Resort on April or May?

    Hi all!
    Help me decide which one is the best time to visit Tokyo Disney Resort. We'll be going on weekdays (Mon - Fri) and seem to have these 2 time slots open for us : April 15-19 or May 13-17. Weather seems nice at both times, but how about the crowds? Which one is quieter?

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    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort on April or May?

    This question, or questions of similar topic, comes up here it seems about once a month.

    Here are some of the past discussions related to "best time to visit TDR"
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    Read through these and you will find some responses that address the time of year you are considering your visit.

    Regarding your two specific weeks, your April week will be right when the 30th anniversary celebration kicks off. This is either a good thing or a bad thing depending on who you ask.

    May will probably still be crowded due to all the people wanting to experience the 30th. Probably less crowded than your April week, but still moderately crowded.
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      Re: Tokyo Disney Resort on April or May?

      Keep in mind that April 15th 2013 is Tokyo Disneyland's 30th anniversary day and new entertainment and 30th anniversary celebration kicks off on that day. I've been told the parks are usually crowded with Disney fans from all over Japan, the local Press, etc, when milestones anniversaries happen. On the other hand, it may be a festive time to visit the park due to it's anniversary celebration, which is something the US parks don't seem interested in offering their visitors any more.


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        Re: Tokyo Disney Resort on April or May?

        Echo echo echo echo... can anybody hear me me me me???


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          Re: Tokyo Disney Resort on April or May?

          Circumstances will put me at the Tokyo Disney Resort on April 13, 14, and 15, in time to see previews of the new parade, and also there on 30th anniversary opening day which will be a madhouse. I think it's also still spring break. Not my choice of when to go, but if I'm in Japan anyway, not going to pass it up!
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