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Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage 2013


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  • News Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage 2013

    Get the 411 over in the Duffy forum.^^ Event is from March 18 to June 30, 2013.

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    Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage 2013

    Tokyo Disney Resort 30th: "The Happiness Year" "Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage" at Tokyo DisneySea March 18 through June 30, 2013

    • December 14, 2012 | Tokyo Disney Land Tokyo Disney Resort Tokyo Disney Sea

    will mark its 30th anniversary on April 15, 2013 with the launch of the Tokyo Disney Resort 30th: "The Happiness Year" celebration. Park will get a head start on the festivities with the special event, "Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage," presented from March 18 through June 30, 2013.
    The theme of this event is "traveling with Mickey Mouse and Duffy to enjoy springtime around Tokyo DisneySea." Guests are sure to discover new moments of happiness as they travel around the Park.
    In this event, Mickey and Duffy invite Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay on a voyage to see how spring is celebrated around Tokyo DisneySea. They embark on their cruise from Cape Cod and visit the ports of Mediterranean Harbor, American Waterfront, and Arabian Coast where they enjoy the colorful flowers and plants. Together with other Disney Characters dressed in new spring costumes, they take part in the mini shows presented at each stop for a unique springtime celebration.
    Offered for the first time this year is the Guest-activity program, "My Spring Voyage." In this program, Guests travel around the Park to look for spring by figuring out the hints on a passport-shaped map that comes in a trunk-shaped case.
    In addition, the Park will offer a variety of special merchandise and menus just for this event. will offer a springtime ambience through special guest rooms and colorful menus in collaboration with the Park's special event.
    Entertainment Programs

    Lido Isle Welcome to Spring

    Location: Lido Isle
    Duration: Approx. 20 minutes
    Performances: 2 Daily

    Mickey Mouse is taking Minnie Mouse together with Duffy and ShellieMay on a DisneySea Transit Steamer to see what spring is like around the world. They stop at Lido Isle in Mediterranean Harbor where a festival themed to springtime in Italy is taking place. Goofy, Chip 'n Dale, and a number of young couples are dancing as Guests clap in time to celebrate. Amidst the festivities, one couple is too shy to even hold hands. Wanting everyone to be happy, Mickey, Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay try various tactics, but with no success. Mickey then asks for the help of the Guests to cheer the couple on, and finally, the young gentleman finds the courage to propose to his lady. And, to the joy of everyone present, a new couple is born and the area is filled with happiness and delight. Mickey and his companions return to their boat as paper streamers connect the ship to shore. A foghorn sounds and Guests bid them farewell as they sail off to their next destination.

    Note: The viewing area will be cleared after each show.
    Easter in New York

    Location: Waterfront Park
    Duration: Approx. 25 minutes
    Performances: 2-3 Daily

    On their voyage around the world, Mickey Mouse and Duffy also take Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay to American Waterfront to enjoy the Easter festivities and tour around the town. The show begins when Mickey and the Disney friends, riding on Big City Vehicles festooned with flowers, arrive at Waterfront Park to the music of a live band. In the shopping street scene, Clarice wears a fancy Easter bonnet as she enjoys shopping, with Chip and Dale carrying her bags. Downtown, Goofy and Max show off their cool hip-hop skills, with Mickey and Duffy dancing along. The Broadway scene has Daisy Duck, a musical star, wearing a stylish Easter bonnet as she performs an engaging dance routine with the show girls. And for the finale, the Disney friends join the Guests in a delightful celebration of springtime in New York.

    Note: The viewing area will be cleared after each show.
    Springtime Surprise

    Location: Arabian Coast Courtyard
    Duration: Approx. 25 minutes
    Performances: 2-3 Daily

    Again this year, Mickey Mouse and Duffy take Minnie Mouse and ShellieMay to enjoy spring in Arabian Coast where a colorful "magical festival of spring" is being held. The show begins with a magician together with Asim, entertaining Guests with magic tricks. Invited by Asim, Mickey, Duffy, Minnie and ShellieMay make a surprise appearance on stage. When Mickey asks for a lovely springtime to give to Minnie and ShellieMay, Shaban and his fellow magicians begin showing a number of magic tricks themed to spring. As the magicians begin a heated battle of magic, Genie appears all of a sudden and disrupts their scuffle. When the Genie chants a "magical phrase" with Mickey and the Guests, flowers of every shape and size bloom on stage. Thanks to the Genie's magic, Arabian Coast celebrates a uniquely wonderful spring filled with flowers. For the finale, everyone sings and dances with Minnie in the center surrounded by flowers.

    Note: The schedule and contents of entertainment programs are subject to change or cancellation due to weather conditions, etc.

    The three themed ports visited by Mickey Mouse and Duffy will be colorfully decked out with flowers and greenery creating a lovely springtime atmosphere. At Mediterranean Harbor, the European streets will be adorned with colorful flowers and plants, while benches decorated with flowers will also be set out. In American Waterfront, decorations of Easter bonnets and sugar eggs will create a lively Easter atmosphere in the stylish city of New York. Arabian Coast will be blooming with unique flowers shaped like Genie for a special photo location that enhances this magical and enchanting world. All three themed ports will also feature decorations of Duffy made out of small flowers created by Minnie Mouse. Guests will also find new photo spots where they can take charming pictures with their own Duffy or ShellieMay plush toy.
    Special Merchandise

    Approximately 100 different types of merchandise will be offered. There will be tote bags and camera cases with a design based on the trunk that Mickey Mouse carries on his voyage to look at spring. Also available will be Mickey Mouse and Duffy plush toys dressed in this year's special event costumes. Merchandise designed with the theme of spring in Cape Cod will show Duffy and ShellieMay enjoying the flowers and gardening.

    Note: Special merchandise is only available while supply lasts.
    Special Menus

    Restaurants in the Park will be offering dishes made with springtime ingredients and spring-like colors. S.S. Columbia Dining Room will have a special full course menu inspired by the Easter decorations in American Waterfront. At Cape Cod Cook-Off, Guests can enjoy a dessert that comes with a Duffy souvenir plate. As part of the special set at Cafe Portofino or Casbah Food Court, the dessert will be panna cotta in the shape of Duffy's face. There will also be gelato parfaits and other desserts themed to Duffy, as well as popcorn buckets that come with a small popcorn bucket that is the perfect size for a Duffy plush toy.
    Guest Activity Program

    (A special program where Guests enjoy traveling around the Park. Offered only during the special event)
    ◆ My Spring Voyage

    By purchasing a "My Spring Voyage*" case at shops inside the Park, Guests can play a fun game while traveling around Tokyo DisneySea to enjoy its springtime atmosphere. The "My Spring Voyage" case comes with a passport-shaped map and stickers.

    Mickey and his companions have left trunks filled with mementos in each of the three areas they visited. With the "passport" map in hand, Guests search for Mickey's trunks and place the sticker which has the same design on the "My Spring Voyage" case. Guests who successfully find Mickey's trunks and go to one of the goals will receive an original Mickey Mouse luggage tag as a prize. Once they have written their name on the luggage tag, the Guests' very own "My Spring Voyage" memento will be complete.
    ◇Where to purchase the "My Spring Voyage" kit: any of 20 shops inside the Park
    ◇Location of Goals: Tower of Terror Memorabilia, Il Postino Stationery and Agrabah Marketplace
    ◇The following Guests will receive an original sticker in conjunction with "My Spring Voyage":
    - Guests ordering the "Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage" Special Menu at the S.S. Columbia Dining Room
    - Guests staying in the special rooms at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
    - Guests dining at the lunch or dinner buffet in Oceano, the restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine in Hotel MiraCosta

    *"My Spring Voyage" (1,300 yen) includes a passport-shaped map and stickers in a case shaped like Mickey Mouse's trunk.
    Disney Hotels

    "Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage"
    Special Room at Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta
    (concept photo)
    Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta will offer the hotel event "Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage." During this period, the hotel will offer special rooms that have original items to make a stay with Duffy and ShellieMay plush toys even more fun. In addition, the room keys for all guest rooms will have an exclusive design and the hotel restaurants will offer special menus featuring seasonal delicacies.
    Guests staying in the special rooms will receive an original costume set1 (bathrobe and slippers) for their Duffy or ShellieMay plush toy and for themselves an original mini spa bag designed with Mickey Mouse and Duffy to commemorate their stay. The special rooms will also have items such as chairs1 especially for Duffy and ShellieMay to sit on that will make the Guests' stay in these rooms even more special.
    These special rooms will also be available through some of the regular plans2 offered by the online Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages* (sales start at 11:00 a.m. on December 18, 2012 JST). In addition, from the end of January 2013, a special plan3 offering accommodations in the special rooms together with an exclusive viewing area ticket for the "Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage" show will allow Guests to enjoy the special event to their heart's content. (Details will be available in late January 2013 on the Tokyo Disney Resort Online Reservations & Tickets website in Japanese only.)
    1The items in the special rooms are made to fit the S-size plush toys.
    2The special rooms can be selected in the following three plans:
    Standard Plan 2Days/3Days, Enjoy Attractions 2Days/3Days and Show Viewing Select 2Days/3Days
    3In this plan, rooms other than the "Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage" special rooms can also be selected.
    *Tokyo Disney Resort Vacation Packages
    This online service offers a variety of travel packages that combine hotel accommodations and Park tickets with benefits such as Disney's FASTPASS tickets, show viewing tickets, and more. (Only available through the Vacation Packages online reservation site in Japanese language only.)
    For inquiries from the general public, please call the following number:
    Tokyo Disney Resort Information Center 0570-00-8632 (9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.)
    Note: From overseas, and from some mobile phones and IP phones, please call 045-330-5211.

    :love:Bringing the Love since January 10, 2011:love:
    We were sent over there with the message that only we would defend Disney quality.. We learnt quickly that the Japanese culture speaks to a level of quality that is hard to comprehend. They were all unbelievably skilled and willing to do the right thing.
    Craig Russell -Walt Disney Imagineering


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      Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage 2013

      I reposted this over in the Duffy forum, Travis. Hope you don't mind!^^

      We booked our room this morning!:yea: friends booked it and then went back to bed...all I ever got was a busy signal.:shy:

      Spring Voyage at MiraCosta two years in a row with true-hearted friends who really know and love me - I am so lucky!:love:

      It means all the more that they care enough to do all of that just to celebrate my birthday, especially since they aren't Disney geeks like me in even the remotest way! Which means...I don't have to fight with them to get all the robes, so Duffy and Shellie don't have to fight over just one!

      The very first birthday I celebrated with those same friends, we stayed in the special Alice room and they also took me out to an Alice in Wonderland restaurant and all of my gifts were Alice themed and amazing. The Alice room had been full until literally a few weeks before, so they had already reserved another room. But unknown to me, they kept checking back and changed our reservation when the Alice room opened up a week later!:love:

      We all actually marched in the Easter Parade around Cinderella Castle in 2010 - and they totally went with it, making our own bonnets and everything, just because they knew how much it meant to me. Ichigopara was kind enough to take a video, but unfortunately her computer ate it or something...I've still never seen it.

      That was my very first Disney hotel experience, second big Disney birthday and surrounded by very good, true friends. I never imagined at the time that anything could top that, but Spring Voyage at MiraCosta two years in a row takes the cake! It's become our tradition with more and more precious memories every year!:love:

      Oh, I have another great birthday story, too - about Ichigopara! She mentioned once in passing, years ago, that her son used to have this Mickey Mouse spinning light toy, but lost or broke I can't remember which. It was just a little "passing time at the parks" story, but she was so detailed about how it looked and how she had gotten it at some random festival and she would probably never see it again that I knew it was something she really loved.

      Well, after years and years of putting it off, I went with two friends to climb Mount Fuji in the summer of 2010. I planned our trip for the last day of the climbing season so that we would descend on the day of Konohanasakuya-hime fire festival. I really wanted to take Duffy, but it wasn't that kinda crowd. Anyway, the festival was really intense, barrels full of billowing fire all over the town. After climbing for two days, all through the night, nearly freezing waiting for sunrise, it was a very surreal atmosphere and I actually felt like I was a little bit in another world.

      Amidst all the ash and smoke and flame and noise, and in the haze of exhaustion,* I came upon a tiny little street vendor...and on the corner of his stall, he was selling those light toys. I knew it instantly. He had blue ones and pink ones, and I really wanted to get one of each, but I had very little cash and there was no ATM around, so I chose pink, cos I figured that's what Ichigo would prefer.

      I was so happy when her birthday came around and we met for a coffee in Shibuya a month later. I didn't really wrap it, didn't say anything or remind her of the story, just gave it to her (it may have been in a plain paper bag, actually). The moment she saw it, no gloss, no presentation, her eyes glistened. She actually teared up and cried a little. I was so happy I had the chance to make my friend so happy.:love:

      Now we're both really busy and haven't met in months, poop! ...but that's the power of the MiceChat community. Ichigo was the very first friend I made here. Four years on and I just keep meeting so many more wonderful, genuine people. I am so grateful for this community. Thank you, MiceChat! I :love: you guys, even if I don't know ya! You bring the magic to the Magic Kingdom!^^

      *PS: I also left my nearly brand-new iPhone 4 in its nearly brand new Yoshida Porter case on some train somewhere between Mount Fuji and my house in Saitama. I didn't notice until the next day. I went to my local police station in a relatively small city to report the loss...and I got it back, kept safe at a police station near my office in Tokyo, still with a couple of stones I'd picked up on the trail tucked in its zipper pocket. That's the magic of Japan.


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        Re: Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage 2013

        So Duffy will be will Shelly...but will the mailman seagull be there? Why do we never get to hear about him? Forget Duffy, I want to see more seagull!


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