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New Show at the Diamond Horseshoe Coming


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  • News New Show at the Diamond Horseshoe Coming

    Was looking at the Attraction Closures list on the TDR website and noticed this:

    "Pecos Goofy's Frontier Revue" will close permanently on January 6, 2013. The new dinner show, "The Diamond Horseshoe Presents 'Mickey & Company' " will premiere on March 1, 2013.

    Anybody know more?
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    Re: New Show at the Diamond Horseshoe Coming

    I was hoping by now OLC would have issued a press release. Have you done any of the dinner shows in the past? Trying decided if I should do on in April.

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      Re: New Show at the Diamond Horseshoe Coming

      HERE's the press release.^^

      I did the show at Polynesian Terrace for my first Disney birthday several years ago. It was before they had the Internet system and you had to run there in the morning and line up to make a reservation. I enjoyed the show, but remembered being frustrated, as is often the case, by not being a meat eater. When we signed up in the morning (a big group, mostly Japanese, so no language issues^^), we explained about me being vegetarian and the CM smiled and looked excited and told us it would be no problem to prepare something. Yet when we got there and were seated, a CM who was serving us asked to ask me what I wanted in a way that seemed like it was all being thought about for the first time right then. After first the waiter, then another CM and then finally the chef, I felt like such a "problem," even though I'd tried to "handle" this earlier in the day. My Japanese friends assured me that they were just making a big deal so I could feel "special" on my birthday, but I was really afraid I was causing a hassle.

      What they finally brought me was the very best pesto spaghetti I have ever tasted in my life. I was in awe. I have never had pasta that good before or since. Thinking it would be a great treat to have it the next year, too, I went with friends to reserve. That time, though, during the reservation process they told us that they couldn't substitute anything at all, and most of the dishes as well as the main course included meat. I could pay full price and not eat it, but I couldn't get anything else. I'm not sure if this is still the policy - just as warning to vegetarians and folks with allergies - you should check. Food policies seem to change often and without warning. It pays to check about specifics, and also to be willing to just eat what you're given.^^

      My friends loved their food, too. It was noticeably tastier than anything I've ever eaten at any of the restaurants, but that's only one sandwich, one pizza, fries, churros and a few sweets. I don't have much to compare it to, but I was thoroughly impressed and so was everyone else. Honestly, it beat the food in MiraCosta's Oceano for me, but again, all I can eat at Oceano are the salad bar and dessert buffet. If you're even a little curious, I'd say go for it. Before the night was over, I was on a stage "dancing" the Hula with the band and backup. I don't...think...Mickey was onstage at the same time as guests, but I don't really remember for sure. I was totally embarrassed by being on stage!:blush:


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