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Mobile internet in the parks?


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  • [Question] Mobile internet in the parks?

    Hey all--

    Trying to mount another expedition to TDR for the anniversary--last time I was there, I rented a BIC Wimax wifi device so I could get data on my phone and iPad. The rental process went great, but the coverage inside the parks, particularly TDS was not that good. Does anyone know what networks have good data coverage for the parks? Any recommendations?

    Thanks for any info!

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    Re: Mobile internet in the parks?

    I've used NTT DoCoMo, Softbank and au. Overall I feel DoCoMo is the best. Getting a consistent signal in TDS is problematic regardless of carrier.

    My DoCoMo experience is a few years old. Haven't used Softbank this past year.

    Obviously, all it takes is one or more carrier to put up a tower (or have one down)to completly change the situation.

    If cost and convieniance are not an issue, I'd go with DoCoMo. I've always heard they have the best coverage and besides... they are a major sponsor of TDR so it has been alleged that they get the best/most cell tower locations at the resort.


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      Re: Mobile internet in the parks?

      Thanks! I'll take a look for DoCoMo...I wonder how much difference there is in the speed of the various routers--there's certainly some variance in the prices.