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Superior room vs balcony room at Hotel Mira Costa at Tokyo DisneySea


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  • [Question] Superior room vs balcony room at Hotel Mira Costa at Tokyo DisneySea


    I would like to book a room at Hotel Mira Costa on the Porto Paradiso side facing the harbour. I am wondering if anyone who has stayed in a Superior Room, can let me know if the windows in the Superior room can be fully opened for an unobstructed view of the harbour?

    According to V1213 on this thread, the windows in the superior room can only be opened by 10cm as there is a limiting rod at the bottom of the windows that prevent them from opening more.

    However, when I see photos of the harbour posted by others who had stayed in a Superior room, it seems as if they could get a panoramic view of the harbour?

    I would really like to be able to watch the shows/ fireworks from my room, but I do not want the view to be obstructed by windows that can only be partially opened. Hence, I am considering the balcony rooms, but those are prohibitively expensive.

    Hence, if I can get as good a view from the Superior rooms (provided that the windows can be fully opened), I will go for this cheaper option.

    Appreciate any feedback! Thanks very much!

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    Re: Superior room vs balcony room at Hotel Mira Costa at Tokyo DisneySea

    It can only open for 10cm, therefore you can't really do anything. There will be reflection of the mirror so you have to turn of all the light to watch the show...

    You may not see the fireworks inside the room for both window/ balcony rooms.....

    Visit my pages (Nikkoap92) for lots of pictures from Tokyo Disney Resort ^_^



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      Re: Superior room vs balcony room at Hotel Mira Costa at Tokyo DisneySea

      Hi Duyanh92,

      Thanks very much for the reply!

      I wonder how some people could take really nice panoramic shots of the harbour from a Superior Room when the windows can't really open like you said. Like in this post by Lurkyloo,, she stayed in a superior room but could get some pretty good photos from the room.

      If one gets a balcony room facing the harbour, why is it that fireworks can't be seen from the balcony?

      By the way, do you know if the balcony room is considered a Speciale Room, where one can get continental breakfast from the concierge lounge?

      Thanks again!


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