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  • [Question] Quick Travel Planning Question!

    Hi folks,

    How many days do you recommend visiting TDL? We are trying to do it in 2-3 day as part of a tour of Hong Kong and Tokyo (Also going to Hong King Disneyland!).

    We're also Disneyland vets, so if it helps we can bypass any rides or attractions that are (almost) exactly the same as the Disneyland US version.


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    Re: Quick Travel Planning Question!

    It's definitely doable. Big fans of the Tokyo parks often spend 4-5 days there, but they tend to repeat stuff. On my first trip there I managed in 3 days. I orginally planned for two but I bought the extra day (by paying the difference between a 2 and 3 day pass at the in-park ticket window toward the end of my second day) to catch some stuff I'd missed.

    I would also suggest putting some research into which rides are (almost) the same as the US, as some similar looking rides are actually enjoyably different, whereas others are almost exactly the same. For example Indiana Jones at DisneySea has mostly minor cosmetic and story changes, whereas Pooh's Hunny Hunt in Disneyland is an entirely different kind of ride (and one of the more popular rides in the park for good reason!).

    I hope you have a great trip!


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      Re: Quick Travel Planning Question!

      One day per park, 2 days total, you can see and do almost everything unless maybe you are there on a really super crowded day. Avoid the weekends, Look at the Crowd Calendar (search this board) and go on a day that is low 40s or lower.

      For a Disney veteran that takes advantage of FastPass and Single Rider, it's a breeze.


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        Re: Quick Travel Planning Question!

        We just spent 2 full days and two half days in TDR and barely scratched the surface (and we were doing 8am - 10pm days). Sure it was Spring Break, but we're DL & WDW vets and know how to work the FP system.

        If you just want to hit up the highlights then two days are the minimum (especially if you can't hop from day 1). If you really want to see both parks including rides/shows/parades, then I think you're looking at 4 days.



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          Re: Quick Travel Planning Question!

          This question is very hard to give a good response. Without knowing your personal preferences and interests it is near impossible for anyone to accurately give you an answer since they must assume they know what you like.

          In order to answer your question best possible, it is important that we know what your personal preferences/goals are. Do you just like attrations? Do you not like certain type of attractions? Do you want to experience any of the other forms of entertainment such as parades or shows? Are you interested in experiancing any of the seasonal events such as Spring Voyage, Summer Festival, Halloween, Christmas, etc? Is it important to you that you experience some of the dining opportunities offered by the park? Do you have any desires to do any shopping for merchandise? Do you like a fast pace or a relaxed pace? How many hours a day will you stay each day in the parks? etc.......

          So without making any assumptions, I will say the minimum visit is one day per park. Maximum visit can be as much as 2-3 days per park WITHOUT repeating anything.

          Ohh... and I wouldn't necessarily skip attractions since they are similar to what you might have experienced in the US parks. For example, the Indian Jones Crystal Skull attraction is the exact same layout as the attraction in DL, but the theming is different.

          Sometimes seeing the differences is all part of the fun.
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            Re: Quick Travel Planning Question!

            I just did 3 days last week. I probably could have done it all in 2, but there was huge storm one day and it was miserable. So you may want 3 days just in case.


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              Re: Quick Travel Planning Question!

              At least 4 days: 2 in each park. You can only hit everything (even on that schedule) if the parks are not crowded.
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                Re: Quick Travel Planning Question!

                We went in the summer on a weekday, and while the crowds were pretty intense (60-120 minute waits for the headliners), we managed fine with early arrival, staying until (i.e., past) closing, and maximizing Fastpasses over a 3 days visit. Giving full days (which is required for the first two days) lets you take advantage of Fastpasses, and then the third day split was a great way to fill in any gaps.

                In our three days, we hit the headliners 2 or 3 times each, and were able to fill in the time between Fastpasses with the second tier rides. The trick was getting on everything once to see your preferences, and then deciding what you wanted to revisit. Here were my preferences:
                Journey to the Center of the Earth - The gem of the resort. Ride as much as you can. Hit first thing, last thing, and with Fastpasses
                Tower of Terror - Physically the same ride as DCA and WDS, but an interesting difference of theme, and a stunning environment. Worth a revisit, but two rides total was enough
                20,000 Leagues - Was almost walk on for the entire visit, plus has a single rider line, though we never needed it. Getting a few rides should be no trouble
                Indiana Jones - Like ToT, it's the same physical ride as what is in Disneyland, though the themeing treatment is similar. Still, like with everything at TDS, the themeing is richer, and worth a couple rides for to take a closer look. Use Fastpass or single rider line.
                Raging Spirits - Astoundingly better than the version at DLP. Fun, fast, and pretty smooth. If you like coasters, it's easy to get multiple rides in using the single rider line.
                TSMM - Hadn't opened yet for our visit. I'd probably give this a token ride to check out the themeing, but I suspect the ride itself is rather similar, if not identical to what we have here.

                In addition, Sinbad is a fun diversion with no wait, and the 3D show in Arabian Coast was worth a visit despite a 30 minute wait - if barely. Don't miss Mystic Rhythms - best park show I've ever seen.

                Winnie the Pooh - Do whatever you have to go get on this ride. It's the same crew we're used to from the US and HK parks, but the ride system is remarkable, as I'm sure you've heard. Do first thing, last thing, and with Fastpass. You'll want a few rides.
                Space Mountain - Similar to California, but no on-ride audio. Worth a couple rides, but it's nothing you wouldn't expect. Use Fastpass if possible.
                Monsters Inc. - Goes a dimension beyond the version at DCA, and is something you'll want to see at least a couple times. Use Fastpasses.
                Thunder Mountain - Hard to tell it apart from the US versions, so worth a couple rides, especially if you're on a roll with fastpasses.
                Splash Mountain - The best one of the three, and you barely get a drop of water on you. Go nuts on the single rider line - we did.

                Pretty much everything else at the TDL park is what you'd expect, which is to say terrific, though not nearly as mind blowing as what's next door.

                Have fun!
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