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Mid Day Break


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  • [Question] Mid Day Break

    I will be headed to Tokyo in just over a week (Hooray!) and I wanted to ask some advice.

    I am a fan of the mid day break when at the parks, and have read extensive recommendations to always have one, however I am staying off-site (40 mins by the time I train/walk to the hotel) due to Disney only being a few days of a much larger trip.

    My question is this: What activities/places in or near TDR would people suggest to have a rest during the day? I've been before but I'm having trouble thinking of many ideas.

    Thanks everyone!

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    Re: Mid Day Break

    I tried to come up with something, but I just kept thinking "Go back to your hotel." On a trip a few years ago to Walt Disney World, we took mid-day breaks every day. With 2 young children, it simply is a must. So, by the time we would walk all the way back to the entrance and to the bus stop, wait on the bus, ride the bus back to our resort and then settle in for a nap, it would often take 30-45 minutes depending on the park we were at. One could argue "but, that cuts into park time!" True. However, to truly rest and get in that hour (or two) nap, and wake up refreshed and ready to go for several more hours, I think it is worth it just to take those few extra minutes so that you can really relax.

    ETA: And I know you are speaking specifically about Tokyo Disneyland even though I referenced WDW. But, I've been to TDR a handful of times and am actually heading back in less than 2 weeks!


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      Re: Mid Day Break

      There's not much nearby that I know of. If your talking about taking a nap, there really isn't anything around the area- If you want to just sit and rest for a while, and avoid the craziness of the parks you can go to Ikspiari, which is a shopping mall near Maihama station- they have a few benches there- or you can grab a snack in the food court area and sit for a while.

      I would just suggest staying in the parks, find a place to sit and rest for a while. Tokyo Disneyland is always busy and hard to find many places to just relax, but Tokyo Disney Sea is a beautiful park and is more inviting to just sit, relax and enjoy the ambiance around you, without having to run around and ride the rides.

      Another thought is to go to either one of the Disney hotels and sit for a while in the lobby, which have a very nice atmosphere as well- but although I don't think anyone would bother you, the cast members may be wondering why you are there.

      Although I haven't been there myself, there is a giant ferris wheel a stop away from Maihama station going towards Tokyo station, I assume there may be a park there as well- but maybe someone else could be a help with that.

      Too bad you're not staying at one of the hotels along the resort liner- they are only minutes away from the parks.


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        Re: Mid Day Break

        My husband and I took a nice mid-day break at the Teddy Roosevelt bar on the USS Columbia at TDS. Have the melon soda float and buy the souvenir glass!


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          Re: Mid Day Break

          What kind of rest are we talking about? Is it a sit down and relax kind of rest? To get away from the crowds at TDS or get out of the weather (too cold or hot or rainy) I like to relax at Teddy' or S.S. Columbia Dinning. At TDL I'll usually go to the Disneyland hotel lounge, they used to have a fantastic cafe that was perfect for a mid day break but it's been closed since the earthquake and they are using the space for Sherwood Garden Restaurant now. If you need to lay down you could probably rest at one of the beds in the first aid. At TDS they have these really comfy hammock chairs where you could easily nap in and at TDL in the bank there is a comfy sofa I've seen someone napping in once.
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            Re: Mid Day Break

            Thanks for all the responses everyone

            I've been having trouble deciding if I need a proper nap or just to sit quietly for a bit. I usually just sit for a while but I do find myself quite tired at the end of the day. I've had the Teddy Roosevelt Lounge in mind because it tends to be quiet-ish, and the hotel lounges might be a good idea for me too, thanks.

            I think I'll keep places to sit quietly in mind, but if I'm feeling really run down I'll just bite the bullet and go back to the hotel.


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              Re: Mid Day Break

              I don't think anyone has mentioned the always-empty picnic area just to the left of the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland. Everything is concrete, but if you had a jacket you could probably rest your head and catch a few Zs.

              You often see people laying on benches in the parks themselves taking a nap. No one seems to mind as long as it isn't parade time.
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