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Tokyo Disney Character Look-Alikes Audition


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  • [Other] Tokyo Disney Character Look-Alikes Audition

    I have always wanted to try this out, specifically for Tokyo Disney. I studied abroad in Japan last summer but didn't get to go to the park, so that was sad. But I absolutely love Japan so this would be perfect! I was so excited to see that they are casting in New York.

    Have any of you ever auditioned to work in Japan?
    Do you know if the auditions are any different from the ones for working in the US?

    I looked at a lot of audition FAQ things but I am still unsure about what to include on a resume.
    Any tips would be super helpful, and it would also be nice to talk to anyone else who plans to attend. n_n

    edit:// I realized there is another thread about auditions but I couldn't figure out if there is a way to delete this whoops

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