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Tokyo D23 October 12 to 14


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    Re: Tokyo D23 October 12 to 14

    I agree with you on that one. I like Star Tours, thats fine. Star Wars land is more of a Studio Park, not MK/DL.
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      Re: Tokyo D23 October 12 to 14

      there are some problens happened in D23 this week in TDR first and foremost the parks have been in full capacity since D23 has started and D23 shop had been sold out since it opened a few hours.Ikspiari Cinema for the special viewings for DisneyChannel series and the anniversary specials are full and some guests that has the tickets didnt watch the viewings because of the limited capacity and other D23 areas literally scattered all over the resort and limited D23 merchandise were sold out in Disney Store and Plus the three day holiday in Japan and the halloween event.some japanese bloggers were shocked because of the sea of people to the resort some were disappointed but others said that it was worth the wait.


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        Re: Tokyo D23 October 12 to 14

        Bob Iger's presentation apparently also included a couple of new Mickey shorts:

        Mickey Goes to Tokyo / ミッキーの東京へゴー
        The Great Mission to Rescue Minnie / ミッキーのミニー救出大作戦

        I'm not really sure about the English titles, so I'm including the Japanese in the hopes that someone here knows more about these projects. Iger also presented the previously mentioned two works from Pixar, the short Monsters Party and the TV special Toy Story of Terror.

        And I don't know why this isn't being reported all over the place, as it's the most STUNNINGLY UNEXPECTED and FANTASTICALLY WONDERFUL news...

        During yesterday's Kingdom Hearts presentation, John Pleasants, Co-President at Disney Interactive, announced that...

        DISNEY MAGIC CASTLE: My Happy Life

        I never thought I would get the chance to play this in English. All it needs now are Duffy, ShellieMay and Cape Cod and I am in endless geek heaven!

        I have to admit to being a little bummed that the Kingdom Hearts event was also used to heavily push Disney Infinity (before it really got underway and then respectfully not mentioned again) and yet we weren't given the free Sorcerer Mickey figures that folks in the US got. At D23 Japan, this would have been as simple as just leaving one on each seat for all the attendees of this single event. It made me sad that no one thought of it, but I really think it's that no one thought of it, not a cheap out. Also, maybe they worried it could overshadow Kingdom Hearts. But I'd have been much more comfortable with the Disney Infinity plug during the KH presentation if I'd gotten one, especially if it had been a new sculpt with Mickey holding up the hat like in the D23 logo and was a Japan/event exclusive. This would've also been a very savvy marketing/business move. Oh well. Still a wonderful presentation. I am so happy with all the things I chose to do, and as usual, there was plenty of unexpected Disney magic sprinkled everywhere.

        The event organizers and staff were helpful and awesome, and I loved the event overall.

        UPDATE: I realize now (I think) that the "Minnie Rescue" short is actually a classic short called "Get a Horse!" and it will play with FROZEN. Now I'm thinking I may have read that "Mickey Goes to Tokyo" part totally wrong... I'll check it out later.:blush:
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          Re: Tokyo D23 October 12 to 14

          Mickey goes to Tokyo was already out a few months ago
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