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How many months out do they update the "Temporary Closure of Park Facilities"?


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  • [Question] How many months out do they update the "Temporary Closure of Park Facilities"?

    My family has been planning a 4 day Tokyo Disney Resort trip for quite some time (following a week in Tokyo), and now that we are relatively close I'm getting worried about what we might miss. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure we will love it all regardless, but there are certain closures that would be more devastating than others.

    I've secured reservations at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel and the MiraCosta; the four days we will be at the parks are April 15-April 18, 2014. As of right now I see no closures for Tokyo Disneyland aside from Jungle Cruise, which is likely due to no recent website update. So there's no way for me to know what will be closed in April, but Jungle Cruise will be FOR SURE due to the lengthy renovation/improvement. I can live with that! )

    My biggest concern I have to say is "Journey to the Center of the Earth". The last two years it has closed in May, so I'm hopeful that will be the case again. Additionally, the Mermaid Lagoon Theater is closing April 6, and Aquatopia is closed from January to April 25, so BOTH of those will be down when we're there. My gut feeling is...they won't shut down any other major attraction at the same time as those two, but obviously my gut knows nothing...

    Does anyone have any insight into this? The Mermaid Lagoon Theater closure isn't even on TDR's official website yet, it was in some kind of press release I saw. Maybe there has been something like this released on other April closures in advance of a website update? If not, how far in advance do they usually release the schedule on the website?


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