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First Trip to Asia Disney Parks: looking for potential travel buddies.


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  • [Other] First Trip to Asia Disney Parks: looking for potential travel buddies.

    Howdy Disney Nerd Herd travelers,

    I have been planning my first trip to the Asia Disney Parks for the past 4 years. I actually bought tickets to Tokyo in 2011 and the earthquake cancelled the trip. I had to reschedule for the summer of 2014. My wife isn't interested so it is me and anybody else I can find to tag along with. I had some buddies from high school and college as possible travel companions but they are all out of pocket for this coming year. A guys night out on a global scale.

    I am going to hub out of LAX since the flights are cheaper that way and so I can hang out with a friend in LA at the Disneyland Resort before I leave for Asia. I plan on going to Hong Kong first. Leave from LAX on (or near) June 21. Then do 4 days in Hong Kong with 2 days at HK Disneyland. Then fly over to Tokyo for 7 days in Japan with 3-4 days at the Tokyo Disney Resort. Returning to LAX around July 4th.

    The hotels can be a bit expensive so I would like to find some fellow Disney Nerds to share the experience and some of the costs. Also don't really want to make the trip all alone, although that is a possibility I have considered. If anybody is possibly interested in joining in the journey let me know. I have some flexibility with the dates, but really prefer to go between June 21-July 4.

    Tim from Texas
    Delta Indigo

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