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Tokyo Disney Christmas Plush


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  • [Question] Tokyo Disney Christmas Plush

    Hi Everyone! Is anyone planning a trip to the DTR this coming holiday season?? I'm DYING to get the super cute Mickey and Minnie gingerbread plush set and I can't find them on Ebay :cfrown: Would anyone going be up for picking up these adorable little toys and I can pay you through Paypal??

    Thanks a bunch!

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    Re: Tokyo Disney Christmas Plush

    Christmas season doesn't start at TDR until this Thursday so I wouldn't expect any of those plushes to be on sale yet. Do you know for certain they will be sold again this year? I'm thinking you are talking about last year's plushes.

    Check ebay starting next week and you might find them IF they are being sold again this year.


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      Re: Tokyo Disney Christmas Plush

      Christmas merchandise was put on the shelves on 11/1 - also check Japan yahoo auctions you'll have better luck finding them there


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        Re: Tokyo Disney Christmas Plush

        But the fees! The horrible fees! :lol:

        Took a look on ebay and was able to find the gingys:

        Gingerbread Minnie 5.5" plush w/stocking Tokyo Disneyland 2013 Christmas
        Tokyo Disney Sea Christmas FANTASY Gingerbread Mickey Chain Badge
        New 2013 Tokyo Disney Seas Christmas FANTASY Gingerbread Minnie Chain Badge

        I would personally go for the first one. Fair-ish price and shipping is reasonable. I've also dealt with the seller in the past and know she's reliable. The last two aren't that much more expensive but shipping seems pretty inflated. Or you could always wait. No doubt more will be popping up.


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