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New TDR Blu-Ray Release March 2014


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  • News New TDR Blu-Ray Release March 2014

    Hey everyone! TDR has a new blu-ray release coming out in March. It appears to feature parades and shows from the parks' anniversaries, as well as Fantillusion. Is any of that a repeat of what was on the new box set release this past Spring?

    I can't get the link to work correctly, but you can check it out at and search for "Tokyo Disneyland Anniversary Uncut Edition".

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    Re: New TDR Blu-Ray Release March 2014

    Here's the link:

    108 minutes.

    Here's a piss poor Google translation of the contents:
    A-year special, special memories. Reviving the finale of the 30th anniversary, magic and dream of that day.
    "Tokyo Disneyland's Anniversary & FantiLusion! <Uncut Edition>" regular show boasted a parade shows and four 15.20.25 anniversary, which was held in (R) Tokyo Disneyland, the hugely popular "Disney -eternal which recorded uncut all, the Fanti Liu John! "! 4 beginning this is the first video of the "Remember the Dream", was held on 15, 20, 25 anniversary of Tokyo Disneyland I collect uncut respectively, parade of night boasted enormous popularity as a regular show and parade, shows and Tsu the "Disney's Fanti Liu John!" *! parade as bonus content, began 30 anniversary "Moreover Happiness I record the digest version of Is Here ". At this time to become the finale of the 30th anniversary, special memories of anniversary year so far,!

    Revived again now magic and dream of the day that year, that is,
    the appropriate to decorate the parade shows and special, plenty of silver It is the eternal Blu-ray to deliver the package with a sense of luxury that treated.

    in relation to-photographed material, and "Disney's Carnival" "Disney's FantiLusion!" has been recorded SD version of the size that is Iro-waku side of the screen (standard quality). It is up-converted to HD (high definition), but the image quality is also different from the HD version. * It is the one that was re-edited in 2001 released a video in 2005 released a DVD "Disney's John Liu Fanti! Goodbye Tokyo Disneyland". <Collecting contents>

    Disney Carnival
    Gift of Dreams
    Remember-the-Dream -
    Disney Fanti John Liu! <bonus content>
    Happiness Is Here digest
    <simultaneous release>
    "Tokyo Disneyland's Anniversary & Fanti John Liu! <Uncut Edition> (DVD)"
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