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  • [Question] Welcome Little Princesses?

    Hi Everyone Again!

    I have been watching the english website for more information about Welcome Little Princesses but so far there hasn't been much available where as the Japanese Website appears to have a lot available. As I have a 10 year old girl that is very interested could some one please provide further information as to what it entails and how does one book in if booking in is necessary.

    Thanks so much appreciate all your feedback.

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    Re: Welcome Little Princesses?

    Here is some info I can find from the Japanese site.

    The program is run from 1/14 ~ 3/20 and for girls up to the 6th grade.

    You can get the Princess lesson booklet that teaches you about stories of princesses, their kindness, friendship and others. You can get the booklet at any Ticket booth, ticket booth at Disney Hotels and official hotels and Fantasyland (ask cast members).

    You can participate in the Little Princess Prossession. You learn how to be like a princess, then do a little parade with them. First 100 kids to show up at Plaza Terrace will be able to participate.
    1/14~1/31、2/1~2/15、2/17~2/21、2/23~2/28 11:20/16:15
    March days/hours will be posted around 2/10

    If you do BBB, you can participate in "Cinderella's Princess Welcome". You can greet and dance with Cinderella at Cinderella's fairytale Hall.

    Tokyo Disneyland hotel will have Rapanzel themed rooms during that time. If you book it, you can
    - have breakfast at Dreamers lounge
    - use Marcelin Salon (sp?) for check-in and -out with drinks
    - book BBB as soon as you book the room (normally only a month ahead)

    To book the room, call 011-81-45-683-3333 9:00 ~ 18:00 Japan time - not sure if they can speak English. This number is specific for calls from overseas.

    Sherwood Garden Restaurant: Lunch / Dinner Buffet with some food with Princess theme. You can reserve right after booking the Rapanzel room or 1 month prior if staying offsite.

    Dreamers Lounge: Princess themed set (No priority seating)


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      Re: Welcome Little Princesses?

      Thank you so much for all your information voleball exactly what I was after I really appreciate it :thumbup:


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        Re: Welcome Little Princesses?

        You are very welcome. Hope you all have a great time!


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