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  • Trip Report Tokyo DisneySea Trip Report

    So some of you may remember this. I started this trip report nearly 6 months ago. Actually possibly exactly 6 months ago. Somewhere around there. It was an epic trip report. The TDR trip report to end all trip reports. Unfortunately the pages took forever to load sine each section contained about 50 pictures. I tried loading the old thread today and it brought my computer down to a crawl. So this time, I'm doing less pictures (and hopefully you'll help combat slow loading by commenting so there's less pictures per page.

    So now, I give you day 4! I skipped a couple days (which I may come back to later) because I want to at least finish this report before my next trip this summer!

    Ok. Yay. Let's go.

    Day 4: July 21, 2013 (MY BIRTHDAY)
    Tokyo DisneySea

    Wow would you look at those crowds! Insane, right? Well it doesn't matter because we're at :ears: Tokyo DisneySea :ears:

    Here's a handy map of the entry area. Do you see where I am on the map?

    My mom told one of the security people there it was my birthday and they made me my most treasured sticker ever, sans the fruit covering my last name. The sticker doesn't lie. It was my happiest birthday, obviously.

    I creeped up about 20 minutes before the park opened to the front of the line to capture the calm before the storm. So serine...

    I dashed to Tower of Terror to grab FastPasses before joining my mom and brother at Journey and stopped to enjoy this lovely view.

    Can you guess where we headed after Journey?

    That's right! We headed straight for the Lost River Delta Restrooms of Peril after riding Indy I think. Anyways, now you truly have all the material you need to construct your own visit to the best theme park in the world in your dreams!

    - - - Updated - - -

    So after trekking all the way to the back of the park, it was already about time to head back to American Waterfront to use our TOT Fastpasses. We walked to Port Discovery and then took the Electric Railway the rest of the way.

    The line for this transportation ride was classier than the Little Mermaid queue at DCA. I wouldn't have even minded waiting in it, if there actually was a line...

    While on the Electric Railway, you pass backstage behind Cape Cod. However, you can't tell it's backstage. The buildings off stage visible only for a few seconds on a minor transportation ride are just as detailed as their facades. Think about the views you get riding from Main Street Station to New Orleans Square Station on the DLRR for comparison.

    You get a stunning view of American Waterfront, too.

    I felt obligated to document the sign because it was COMPLETELY in English. I felt so special that, despite being in a Japanese theme park, there were details that only English speakers could pick up. :P

    We SOMEHOW got my mom on Tower of Terror. We've always tried to get her on the DCA version, but she hates heights. We managed to convince her this was different somehow. Anyways, once the doors opened at the top of the tower to reveal the view, and your height, she turns to me, pale as a ghost, grabs my hand, and says "David, I'm going to die." It was actually really funny. In the on ride picture she looks so serious and focused on surviving.

    Classy bathrooms of TDS part 2.

    The latest addition to TDS. We didn't ride TSMM, the line was way too long, but we checked the area out. It was nicely themed. There were fun interactive elements around the area, like mirrors and bizarre games of skill (free).

    Let's take a short break from color...

    Step right up!

    What does this look like? Just a random cargo area? Wrong! It was actually a seating area for a little snack stand near by. It was just crammed on this small pier. You could so easily miss it between everything else going on.

    What'll those Imagineers think of next! (Club 33-->Pier 33)

    More Soon-ish! :ears:

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    Re: Tokyo DisneySea Trip Report

    I was there in July as well. Hot as hell: 96 to 100 degrees and 90% humidity. I don't know why people were not falling over with heatstroke all over the parks.
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