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Noob Q: Special/multi-park pass when staying at MiraCosta


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  • [Question] Noob Q: Special/multi-park pass when staying at MiraCosta

    Hi guys

    I'm looking to stay at Miracosta in Tokyo's Disneysea later this year and wanted to know more about the multi-park pass that is available to guests who stay at a resort/hotel within the two parks.

    I called the tokyo phone line yesterday and the japanese woman who answered had limited english but I think she answered my question but would like to be reassured lol by others who have experience (I made sure to thank her in japanese at the end of the call ).

    So question was if I stayed at Miracosta or the other Disneyland hotel within the park (sorry name escapes me atm) if there really is a pass that you can buy that would allow you to park hop from the very first day. From my understanding there is but only if you stay in one of the 2 hotels and that for an adult it will be 12,800yen for a 2 day park pass.

    Thanks to all who can help!

    Aurora Rox!

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    Re: Noob Q: Special/multi-park pass when staying at MiraCosta

    Hello Aurora, We were just there last week at the Miracosta and they offered it to us. We didn't do it although it was only about $17 US more per ticket per day to park hop. We figured we'd save the money and use it on trying every flavor of popcorn to be had! Hope you have a wonderful time!


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      Re: Noob Q: Special/multi-park pass when staying at MiraCosta

      Yes they offers special passport as mentioned above.
      Plus if you are student or anyone in your party is student, show them student ID to get student price.

      If money is not your big issue then I recommend this pass in case you just want to watch Fantasmic but you are in Disneyland. I wont recommend to hop the park on weekend because you wont be able to ride any ride and it will waste your time.

      Tokyo Disneysea and land are located next to each other just like Disneyland Resort but their entrances are not opposite like in DL and DCA. It will take you 20-40 minutes to travel between 2 parks if you are not familiar with the resort complex.

      For me, I love to travel between 2 parks because Ive been to for hundred times, but if you are first time visitor, you should aim for all the attractions by spending each day for each park. Therefore please consider about this type of ticket when you are at the resort. :P
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        Re: Noob Q: Special/multi-park pass when staying at MiraCosta

        I've also bought that "park hop every day" pass when staying at the Disney hotels several years ago. What I discovered is that I was so used to NOT park hopping that it was a waste of the extra money. There's more than enough to do at both parks to fill an entire day and evening. By the third and fourth day, I do sometimes park hop just to eat at a particular restaurant or see the evening show or a parade.
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          Re: Noob Q: Special/multi-park pass when staying at MiraCosta

          I never got a special pass but I agree park hopping isn't really necessary. I get much of what I want to do on the selected park days then just finish off what I missed on the third park hopper day. A fourth day doesn't really seem necessary for me as on the third day of my recent trip the thought that crossed my mind towards late afternoon after I finished TDR in the morning and had moved to DisneySea was "What else is there left to do?"


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            Re: Noob Q: Special/multi-park pass when staying at MiraCosta

            Thanks so much to everyone putting their 2cents in - helps alot! I will stick to my original plan then TDL on day one, stay at Miracosta then get into TDS early xox I only have 2 days there and will be my first time at the Tokyo parks eek cannot wait!


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