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Does TDR need to expand both parks.


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  • [Chat] Does TDR need to expand both parks.

    In Yahoo Japan today and OLC just announced that TDR both land and SEA has reached a record breaking crowds of 30+million in 2013 and Since the start of 2014 TDR parks,sometimes reached up to full capacity especially in March 30th when the parks were in full capacity and foreign tourists cant get in the parks because of the situation.
    And in one interview of Oriental Land CEO,and he said that when the park has reach the limit that they will Discuss with WDC with possibly building a 3rd Theme park.
    and USJ just announced of building a 2nd theme park in Japan but in different Location.
    What you guys think.Does OLC need to seriously think about building another Tokyo Disney park?

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    Re: Does TDR need to expand both parks.

    Sure it may of been a record but I think the parks can handle a lot more guests before they get maxed out.

    I think a sign of when they are close, is when attendance has kept rising not leveled out, and they will expand the parks. They could expand DL into the parking lot, and TDS still has room on the Lost River Delta and a little parking area still left behind Toy Story Mania.
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