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Must-see attractions?


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  • [Question] Must-see attractions?

    Hi, new member here. In July I'll be going to Japan for the first time and of course I'll be going Disneyland and disneysea. I live in Denmark so I've only been to disneyland Paris. My question is what are some must-see attractions / rides? Remember, a lot of the rides that are in the states as well I have never had the opportunity to ride. Also, which restaurants are worth visiting?

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    Re: Must-see attractions?

    Pooh's Hunny Hunt is an absolute must.

    Other attractions
    TDL: BTMR, Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Monsters Hide n Seek.

    TDS: Journey to Center of the Earth is one the best attractions ever designed by Disney, 20K leagues under the sea, aquatopia wet side, Indiana Jones, Sinbad, Hollywood Tower of Terror(awesome pre-show, still can't figure it out and don't ever want to find out the Disney Magic. This park is Disney's finest. I loved TDL, but i could spend a whole week in TDS enjoying the scenery, detail, and the atmosphere of one of the best parks that Disney has ever done.
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      Re: Must-see attractions?

      If you like the Disney 90's animated movies you MUST see Mickey's Philharmagic.


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        Re: Must-see attractions?

        Remember to watch all shows at TDR as well.

        Restaurants at Disneysea:
        S.S Columbia Dining Room (TS)
        The Teddy Roosevelt Lounge (TS)
        Magellan's (TS)
        Ristorante di Canalleto (TS)
        Oceano is also great (TS) (Miracosta hotel)

        Restaurants at Disneyland
        Restaurant Hokusai (TS) (This one is authentic Japanese restaurant located on upper level of mainstreet! Very delicious)
        Blue Bayou (TS)
        Eastside Cafe (TS)
        Queen of Heart banquet hall (CS)
        And there is Club33 too.

        Sorry that I recommend so much table service restaurants but I just want to show all of the finest of TDR and since you r from Denmark so I think TS is more suitable for you. I dont say anything about cuisines because they somehow mix it and they serves international food.

        All counter serviced restaurants are all good so dont hesitate to try anything you like.

        Visit my pages (Nikkoap92) for lots of pictures from Tokyo Disney Resort ^_^



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          Re: Must-see attractions?

          Hi there - how exciting to be making the trip to TDLR - you'll never forget it!

          If you've never been to the US Disney Parks, that makes the proposition of "must-see" a bit harder since there is a lot of overlap. I've been lucky enough to visit all 5 Disney resorts, so I'll try to give you the perspective of someone who has only been to DLP.

          Tokyo Disneyland
          Pooh's Hunny Hunt - nothing like it anywhere in the world (except now maybe Mystic Manor at HKDL)
          Space Mountain - very similar to DL/HKDL Space Mountain, but very different from the Space Mountain you're used to
          Monsters Inc - Similar to a ride at DCA, but longer, much more detailed, and interactive. Nothing like it at DLPR
          Splash Mountain - Nothing like it at DLPR, and better than the version at WDW, and WAY WAY better than the DL version
          Haunted Mansion - very different than Phantom Manor, similar to the US versions
          Jungle Cruise - similar to the US versions, though in Japanese. Nothing like it at DLPR
          PhilharMagic - pretty much the same as WDW and HKDL versions. A fun diversion, especially if you've never seen it before
          DreamLights - similar to the MSEP which was at DLP for some time (not sure if it still is). Definitely a better version, must see either way.

          Can miss (but don't if you have time!)
          Thunder Mountain - Very similar to US versions. Not as good as DLP version
          Pirates of the Caribbean - Very similar to WDW version. Not as good as DLP version
          Dark rides of Fantasyland - All mostly the same as all other Magic Kingdoms

          Tokyo DisneySea
          With the exception of Toy Story, TDS is beyond unique. Tower of Terror is the same ride system as what you have at WDS in Paris, but the themeing is jaw-dropping by comparison. Everything else in the park is one-of-a-kind and must be experienced to believe. Do NOT miss Fantasmic!

          Feel free to check out my TR here:
          Tokyo Disney Resort - Day One: Disneyland
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            Re: Must-see attractions?

            If he lives in Denmark, he's never been on Toy Story Mania (which is a great ride). If you want to ride it at Tokyo DisneySEA, then you must get on line at the gate 1 hour before the gates open and RUN straight to that ride (just follow everyone else and go to the left when you reach the harbor--you'll be swept along like a salmon in the stream.) Get a FastPass and then immediately ride the Tower of Terror. Then walk immediately to Journey to the Center of the Earth and ride that. Etc. Use Single Rider for Indiana Jones (great ride, not the crap roller coaster you have in Paris, which is identical to Raging Spirits at Tokyo DisneySEA).
            Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.


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              Re: Must-see attractions?

              Ok so it's pretty much "Ride everything at DisneySea except for Raging Spirits and maybe Toy Story Mania? ;-)


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                Re: Must-see attractions?

                Expect very little from the restaurants. They are okay considering they don't have to be good at all, but they are still not good.

                Everything is worth doing except Raging Spirits, and then I would give a priority to attractions not at Euro Disney..... Toy Story Mania is great. You can always get on the line very late before the park closes: after all, you'll have nothing better to do, right?

                I see a lot of trip reports that seem to miss Fortress Exploration - who knows, maybe they think it's just a kid's playground? Don't miss it. Get a map so you make sure to see all the rooms. Ask for it. (They have one in English, but the staff will probably have to scramble for it.)

                Also, make sure to see the Mermaid show in Triton's Kingdom. A lot of people seem to miss it.


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                  Re: Must-see attractions?

                  Originally posted by Fukai View Post
                  If he lives in Denmark, he's never been on Toy Story Mania (which is a great ride).
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                    Re: Must-see attractions?

                    Originally posted by PhantomLassie View Post
                    Ok so it's pretty much "Ride everything at DisneySea except for Raging Spirits and maybe Toy Story Mania? ;-)
                    Actually, I like Raging Spirits and Toy Story Mania. I would spend as much time as you can at the parks and try to ride everything. Remember, it will be much more crowded than DLP, so get FP's early and as often as possible. Have fun!


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