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Highlights from Spring Voyage/Disney's Easter/Spring Break/Last Trip In a While


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  • Trip Report Highlights from Spring Voyage/Disney's Easter/Spring Break/Last Trip In a While

    So, we were in the parks April 5-8, with the 5th being a Saturday and the first Saturday of the new Spring Voyage/Disney's Easter programs and let me tell you, that was the most crowded I've ever seen a Disney park. It made me shudder to think what a crowded weekend during Halloween might look like.

    To be honest, it would not be my most favorite trip. We actually wound up staying at the Hilton, which was fine, but it was a letdown from our original plans of staying at MiraCosta. Our dates just wasn't going to work out for the reservation that we had for MiraCosta, which was going to be Monday through Thursday; with our arrival on Saturday, it was just impossible to secure the weekend for MiraCosta and hubby is against switching hotels mid-stay, so we just went with Hilton.

    Okay, so back to Saturday -- we started our trip with Disneyland. Lines were insane. For everything. Whether you wanted to eat, get a popcorn bucket, ride anything...everything required a pretty length wait. I honestly don't even remember the sequence of what we rode, it was all just a blur packed in with mobs of people. I can tell you we didn't do very much. Now, one thing I had asked about on the board previously was whether the Egg Hunt was offered in English and it was; although I wouldn't get my map/stickers until Monday, I took the time on Saturday to at least mentally note where I was seeing the character eggs and it was all really quite simple, but with a 4 and 6 year old, it was fun to do with them. They enjoyed looking for the eggs and would very excitedly point out "Look, Mommy, there's Mike and Sully (eggs)" that were, naturally, located in front of Monster's Inc. ride. Not too far from the entrance of Star Tours was an R2D2 egg. You get the idea. Other than that, I also realized we were not exactly prepared for how chilly it still was; I'd brought lightweight jackets for both myself and the girls, but hubby was making due with just tshirts and he's stubborn and refused to buy any kind of sweatshirt or hoodie. It was roughly 8:45 pm, after a full day and having only halfway waited in line for Peter Pan when I realized the youngest was falling asleep that we called it a day and headed back to the hotel.

    Sunday was only slightly better. We woke up to the sound of rain, I'd forgotten to pack any kind of rain gear or umbrellas, but hubby insists on being there early so we can get in line for Toy Story, I mean, I mean Toy Story. So, after a quick trip to the hotel convenience store and dropping $30 for a couple of umbrellas and ponchos, we head off to the park. And discovered the rain had stopped. On the monorail, as you make that big turn and can see the entrance to DisneySea, it always amazes us how many people are already in line an hour(!) before rope drop. We took our place in line, thankful the rain had stopped (for now) and despite being so far back, got through the gate within the first 10 minutes of park opening where hubby took off for TS FP line and I headed to the Standby line. Our FP return time would be for 8:40 that night and I had noted that when I got in the Standby line, and this was approximately at 9:20, the wait time was already marked at 230 minutes and I just thought "there is no way!" Our wait time would be closer to 1 hour, but I guess they just go ahead and dial it up because it will get to that at some point? Anyway, so we rode TS and, as always, hubby beat me -- and I try so hard! -- and then proceeded to eat our big meal of the day at Sailing Day buffet. Someone else posted about tips regarding DisneySea and they were right on about eating at off-peak times, because when we got there it had only just opened and we were sat right away. An hour later, as we were walking out, the line was snaking around the side of the building. We then headed over to Ariel's grotto, riding the coaster over there; the wait was maybe 40 mins or so and it was threatening to rain. Hubby walked us over to Sinbad (first time EVER that I remember it having a wait), but then he left to go grab JTTCOTE FPs -- our 6 year old was FINALLY tall enough to ride it, so this would be her first time! By the time we got through Sinbad, hubby was back and we started to wait in line for Jasmine's Flying Carpets, but it was starting to rain. By the time it was almost time for us to get on the ride, it was really coming down and I asked him "Do we want to get wet? I mean, really wet?" because it was pouring. So, we just ducked out of the ride and decided it was a good time for our mid-day break, but not before we had to make it all the way back to the entrance. By the time we made it back to Mediterranean Harbor, the rain was mixed with sleet and when we finally got back to the Hilton, we were glad to be back in our warm, dry room. After a good nap and putting on dry socks, we headed back to DS. The rain had stopped, which only brought the crowds back out on this Sunday afternoon. We hit up New York Deli for a bite to eat -- one of the very few places where we didn't have to wait -- jumped on Electric Railway and headed to JTTCOTE so DD and hubby could use their FPs. That little girl had the biggest smile on her face when they came off that ride! "Rock Monster" as she calls it, is undoubtedly her new favorite ride. Unsure what we did in between that and riding the Electric Railway back to American Waterfront, but by coincidence as we began our ride back to American Waterfront, the fireworks had started and there was something quite magical about riding over the bridge and watching those fireworks explode over the park and listening to the delight of the people in the train with us. Our day ended as it began, with Toy Story, and we headed back to the hotel.

    -- To be continued --

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    Re: Highlights from Spring Voyage/Disney's Easter/Spring Break/Last Trip In a While

    Yes, it's often chillier than Westerners expect in April. But sounds like you made the most of it.
    Born in a shoebox and making the most of it.


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      Re: Highlights from Spring Voyage/Disney's Easter/Spring Break/Last Trip In a While

      Too bad for the rain- it's not too much fun doing the parks in the rain. I'll be leaving for Hong Kong, Macau & Japan in less than a month. I usually stay at the Hilton, but this time around the Sheraton Grande was much cheaper, so we're staying there.

      I've always wanted to stay at the Mira Costa as well, but you're right at trying to get reservations there.

      Sounds like you're still having fun despite the rain. I went last year at the end of April for the start of the 30th and Spring Voyage and lucked out that it wasn't too crowded- but I went the week prior to Golden week and had a great time.

      Can't wait to hear more about the Disney's Easter- I'm looking forward to both egg hunts.

      Hope the rest of your trip had better weather


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