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Black Sheep in Tokyo

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  • Bruce Stark
    started a topic News Black Sheep in Tokyo

    Black Sheep in Tokyo

    Hi Micechat I am Bruce Stark and I'm new here. I want to announce a new book I just published on Tokyo Disneyland. Here is a brief write-up on it.

    Black Sheep in Tokyo-New Book on installing Tokyo Disneyland
    A new book, Black Sheep in Tokyo, The Confessions of a Robotics Installer is about the building and installing of the robotics and animated shows at Tokyo Disneyland. The stories are told from the standpoint of an actual hands-on installer in 1982 and 1983 about his efforts in getting the shows up and running. Many Disney attractions are discussed including Pirates, Bear Bands, Mansion, Tiki, Mickey Mouse Review and more. The author goes on to describe his work in installing the Horizons Pavilion at EPCOT, E.T.’s Adventure at both Universal Studios and a T. Rex at Knott’s Berry Farm. The author goes back to Japan to install some attractions at Puroland and then off to the World’s Fair in Seville, Spain to design and install the shows in three pavilions. Next the wiring and operation of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park and The Lost World for a special effects house, Stan Winston Studio. The book ends with the shooting of the film Lake Placid with a 33 foot long animated crocodile.

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  • Fukai
    Re: Black Sheep in Tokyo

    There is no attraction called "Bear Bands."

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