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Tokyo Disney Resort questions


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  • Tokyo Disney Resort questions

    Hey everybody,

    I am planning on going to TDL Resort soon and I was wondering how easy it is to get to the resort from the airport? Is there a train or taxi that you get?
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    Re: Tokyo Disney Resort questions

    Extremely easy. There are shuttle busses that take you straight to the resort from the airport.


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      Re: Tokyo Disney Resort questions

      Yup. Take the "Friendly" Airport Limosine Bus to TDR.
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        Re: Tokyo Disney Resort questions

        AVOID taking taxis in Japan if you can... way too expensive. A taxi from Narita Airport to TDR will set you back about $125 or possibly more. You can also get there by using the Keisei Limited Express train from narita Airport to Funabashi station (40mins), then tranferring to the JR train at funabashi (2mins walk), go down one stop to Nishi-Funabashi (3 mins), then connect to the Keiyo's Musashino Line bound for Tokyo... (12 mins later, you are arriving at TDR's Maihama station) May take a bit longer than the bus but it's way way cheaper than the Airport Limosine bus ride which is about $22 one way, as opposed to $9 on the train for the one way trip including the connection from Keisei to JR line. English signs will help you NOT to get lost.