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Is Mira Costa worth it?

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  • [Question] Is Mira Costa worth it?


    I am a huge, huge, huge Disney fan. I have been to Walt Disney World more times than I can count, Disneyland in California 6 times, Disneyland Paris, Aulani Resort in Hawaii and I going on my 8th Disney cruise in 2 weeks. Did I mention I am a huge Disney fan?

    Anyway, my mom is taking my three kids and me to Tokyo for Spring Break 2015 and we are spending 4 nights (and 3.5 days in the parks) at a hotel near Tokyo Disneyland. The week we are going is predicted to be at the top of the busy season (it is right before the kids go back to school in Tokyo for a new school year). I am debating whether to stay at Mira Costa. I chose Mira Costa over the other two Disney hotels because if its location to DisneySea. My plan is to be at the parks before opening, taking a break mid-day and then going back in the evening. I am planning two full days at DisneySea and 1.5 days at Disneyland Park.

    My other choice would be one of the following: Hilton Tokyo Bay, Sheraton Grande Tokyo Bay or Hotel Okura Tokyo Bay. (I chose those so we could walk to the monorail station). Right now I do have a reservation at the Sheraton and it is about half the price of the Mira Costa.

    Rooms, hotel amenities and view are not important. As long as it is clean, I am good. Money is somewhat of an issue, but I am willing to pay the difference if it is REALLY worth it. (Even though my mom is paying for the trip, if we stay at a Disney hotel, I am paying the difference). It could be as much as a $3,000 difference because we need two rooms.

    Please give your opinions. I am really torn. THANKS!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Is Mira Costa worth it?


    However, Miracosta was built in 2000s. The room is smaller than other hotels. Less charming in the room. However you will get the entrance to DisneySea directly in the hotel. This is the one I actually love. Especially if you are a fan of DisneySea (I went to DisneySea almost 10 days last 2 weeks and only 3 days at Disneyland)... I was usually around Mediterranean Harbor so when I watched Summer Splash, I was completely wet so I just needed few minutes to go up to my room to take a shower or change clothes. I also stayed at Maihama Club Resort as week as well and I had to take a taxi to get to my room. Cuz it was too hot in around 12-4 p.m and I was really tired to catch the monorail and then shuttle bus. At Miracosta, you save time and energy. Also if you want to book Miracosta, please book asap cuz at this time, the whole hotel is run out of room until December.

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      Re: Is Mira Costa worth it?

      Originally posted by CastlesandDreams View Post
      I am a huge, huge, huge Disney fan. I have been to Walt Disney World more times than I can count, Disneyland in California 6 times, Disneyland Paris, Aulani Resort in Hawaii and I going on my 8th Disney cruise in 2 weeks. Did I mention I am a huge Disney fan?
      …I thought yes, definitely.

      Originally posted by CastlesandDreams View Post
      Rooms, hotel amenities and view are not important. As long as it is clean, I am good.
      …Then I thought no, absolutely not.

      I'm not sure I understand exactly how you feel or what your priority is, but I can tell you my experience with MiraCosta and hope it helps.

      I had dreamed of staying there for years. You walk outside it, you see it in DisneySEA, you walk into the lobby — you dream of staying there. It's that kind of place. I never, ever imagined that I would, though. I live just outside Tokyo; I never imagined being able to justify that expense.

      But then Spring Voyage happened and there were Duffy exclusives and I just "had" to. The first time was totally amazing and magical. Totally outside the Duffyness of the situation, there was the feeling of getting to live out a dream that I never thought could come true. There were also some pretty big emotional things for me about the whole situation and having grown up very poor and having friends who cared about me enough to go and blah, blah, blah… For me it was much more than a fancy hotel stay and far more valuable than simply getting the Duffy goods; I daresay it was on some level empowering, silly as that may sound.

      I firmly believe we should live as many of our dreams as we can. As long as our dreams aren't harmful or dangerous, go for it! So, especially if a trip to TDR is unlikely to happen many times in your life, I say absolutely — treat yo'self to MiraCosta!^^

      The second time was in some ways even more incredible because it wasn't all new. Familiarity allowed me to really just be in the experience and enjoy everything. And we had a park view, which we hadn't had the first time. A park view in MiraCosta is literally IN the park. You feel like you love there, you feel like it's real. There are moments of feeling from that time that will stay with me forever. The beds are comfortable, the details are gorgeous, the baths are luxurious. But the main thing for me is the feeling that "I deserve this and I'm allowed to have it." That has been huge in my life.

      Last year I wasn't planning to go because the friends with whom I'd previously gone were no longer willing, as they're not big Disney fans. Twice was enough, plus we'd done the Disneyland Hotel. I can't blame them. If it's not a big deal to you, it's not worth it. If it's not one of those boxes you fantasize about checking off in your life, it's probably too expensive. That's how your second quote sounds. But your first sounds like you should totally do it.

      Last year, a friend of mine from the US visited and surprised me with staying at MiraCosta. Being someone else's guest there was a new and wonderful experience, as was being there with someone who genuinely lives Disney and Duffy as much as I do. It was simply amazing! I will also be grateful for that forever. On that stay, my friend introduced me to the BellaVista Lounge breakfast, something I had never even considered, as it would be just "one more expense." That's the "don't deserve that, can't have that" me talking… If you stay at MiraCosta, make sure to book this breakfast and arrive early so that you get a great table by the big window with the perfectly framed view of Mount Prometheus.

      We gave up our early entry to relax and enjoy watching the park open from this vantage point. I highly, highly recommend it. It was like nothing else I've ever experienced. Waiting for park opening is always a pins and needles, standing outside, gotta get in there and HUSSLE kind of experience. This was so easy, so relaxed. Like we lived in it, like we were part of it. That's the magic of MiraCosta, the extremely high level of immersion. I won't give too much away, but stuff happens outside that window in the morning that no one else sees. It was absolutely the most magical way I have ever started a day at Disney. In hindsight, especially with kids, I think I would do my best to have everyone up and ready to enter the park from breakfast, with no need to return to the room. Just move directly from that experience into the park.

      My personal favorite thing about staying at MiraCosta has not been shared by anyone else so far, but I'll recommend it anyway. I love exploring in the wee hours of the night when everything is quiet. I love taking photos and just walking around or sitting in the alcoves high up over the lobby, soaking it in. Searching for hidden details and contemplating artistic choices. If your kids are quiet and can enjoy the next day, waking early for breakfast even after staying up late, I might suggest walking around with them, pointing out details and letting them show you. Go down into the lobby and really look at the sculpting and maps and artwork that you rushed by at check-in. This quiet time is the most special privilege of MiraCosta guests, I think, so I recommend taking advantage of it. You can take brain-naps in queue lines!

      If you haven't already and if it's possible, I'd consider splitting your stay with one night at MiraCosta and one at Tokyo Disneyland Hotel. It's an incredible experience, too, and more typically "Disney." MiraCosta is very much DisneySEA. For me, this makes MiraCosta definitely preferable, but kids might really like TDLH, especially with their new super-themed "Fantasy" rooms. If you have to choose, go with MiraCosta, but if it's practical to do both, go for both.
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        Re: Is Mira Costa worth it?

        I've stayed at all three Disney hotels, and they're all great. But I usually stay at the Hilton because it's less than half the price and it's still a great hotel with a great staff. And I love the ocean view rooms.

        You're asking us to decide if it's worth it to you. We can't tell you that--you have to figure it out based on your expenses. I look at it this way: I can stay six days at the Hilton, or three days at a Disney hotel. I pick the Hilton and get an extra three days at the Tokyo Disney Resort.

        Also: one and a half days isn't enough for Tokyo Disneyland: my 2 cents. My trips are usually five full days at the resort, split across the two parks, and I inevitably spend more time at Tokyo Disneyland simply because there is so much more to do. DisneySea does not have nearly as many rides and attractions.
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          Re: Is Mira Costa worth it?

          I've not stayed at the Miracosta but I have stayed at the Hilton and it was great. We has a happy magic room which was a lot of fun. I'm sure you'll have fun no matter where you stay


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            Re: Is Mira Costa worth it?

            You should stay at the Mira Costa at least once. We did and enjoyed it, but the next trip I decided to stay in Tokyo. Yes, the Mira Costa gives you the convenience of direct entry to the park and, yes, the decor is stunning, but we find the hotels in Tokyo to be not only a lot less expensive but also in far more interesting areas. Tokyo is, to me, at least as interesting as Disney--the area surrounding the Disney resort is about as interesting as an average shopping mall, which is to say, not very much.

            Last July, I chose to stay in Shinagawa, far in the south of Tokyo, while visiting the Disney resort. The trip to Disney by train was almost exactly 40 minutes every day--about what a bus commute at WDW is--and I got my fix of both Tokyo and Disney every day. I do recommend having breakfast at the Mira Costa breakfast buffets at the start of your day. They're expensive, but well worth it.

            That said, I'm staying at the Disneyland Hotel for three nights in September, just to try it out.


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              Re: Is Mira Costa worth it?

              Is there a map online anywhere of the layout of the hotel? I tried google searching and only came up with images showing the different wings. A map that shows where the spa is, MiraCosta entrance etc would be really interesting.

              Also for those in the know we booked a "Venice Side Superior Room". Is this a good view? Does it look somewhat into the park?
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