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    Re: Your TDR souvenir collection

    You should be proud of your merchandise collection from TDR. Theyhave just about the most unique and classy stuff sold at any of the Disney Resorts. You should see my Disney Room (yes, I need a whole room) filled with TDL/TDS collectibles that date as far back as 1987!!!

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  • massimo
    started a topic Your TDR souvenir collection

    Your TDR souvenir collection

    Hi there! I just wanted to share with all of you my very own collection of souvenirs I broght from my unforgettable trip to TDR. I know it's small but it's all mine and I'm kind of proud of it. I knew there were so many thing to buy before actually being on property but... when I get there and realized the huge amount of available things to buy, I was shocked. Just to give you an idea, I HAD to rebudget my days there (still couldn't manage to get a little overbudget at the end...)

    As you've already probably guessed, I fell in love with tin candy boxes!

    A free souvenir at last! Water available in my room.

    A themed souvenir from my hotel. Why don't they do something like that for our DLRP hotels too?

    I'm a huge fan of It's a Small World and never find something nice to buy with the same style... never except at the TDR! And that Alice in Wonderland tea set of six... I bought just one plate to prove my friends I wasn't kidding...

    I HAD to buy something from the Miracosta too, just as an appreciation to the fact that there were themed souvenirs (not the usual mugs and stuff...)

    I love retro graphics, I love the American Waterfront, I love this box.

    Ah, what else to say? So many thing to buy, so little money!
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