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My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)


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  • My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    My partner and I took a trip to Japan in October last year. Loved all of it. Japan is an amazing place. It was not somewhere I was really hooked on going but Chris was so off we went. I could not speak really any of the language but that didn't matter. You can get by with pointing and hand signals.

    But the real reason for the thread is to share our Disney Resort pics.

    I will start with our DisneySEA photos.

    We had hoped to get to the park just after opening as we were travelling from Kyoto to Disney but due to train and weather problems we got there around 4.30 in the afternoon. Which was fine my well planned plan of attack could still work somehow.

    We spent 1 full day and 1 half day in each park. I guess it was enough but you could always spend more.
    We got through all the big attractions and saw everything we really wanted too.

    And now I present my Disney SEA photos. I hope you enjoy what is just an amazing park.

    So here we have just gotten through the gates and into DisneySEA. We were both a little excited.

    The AquaSphere as we were arriving as the sun was starting to set for the day.
    We knew amazing things were just on the other side of that Hotel!!
    We had made it! And even better the park was dressed for Halloween!
    I think it took us 20 minutes just to get into the park. We were too busy taking everything in.
    Then we saw this and things started to get real. Coming under the Mira Costa and seeing the Volcano for the first time was something similar to seeing the castle on your first visit to a park.

    Our plan was hoping to get a table at the S.S. Columbia. So we headed there to try our luck. We knew where we needed to go I had done my research and knew the layout of the park (Being the only park like this there was plenty of study involved.) It was very much a stroll to get there. The sun was setting and was creating some beautiful colours across the sky we had to capture.

    More Halloween Decor. These were all taken walking towards the Columbia through the American Waterfront.
    And then we stumble across this beauty. This ship is huge! It is pretty much just all theming. It only hold Turtle talk, the restaurant and a bar. But the detail inside is amazing. We felt like VIP's from the moment we walked up to the cast at the bottom of the entry stairs.
    The first floor entry foyer, leading up to the restaurant.
    As you come into the restaurant this covers the wall this painting.
    Dining early always is a good idea in any Disney park.
    I love the fine detail in everything not just in this dining room but looking back it was all over the whole park.

    See Details!!
    Meals were not expensive for the quality of the food. (To convert to dollars just take the first to numbers, we found that the easiest way to figure out what we were spending.)
    One for the food lovers. This was amazing!!
    We were lucky enough to get a window seat... Only problem was it was not on the park side of the ship. Oh I am on the right. I had the steak. :-)
    No generic Disney Parks items here. Even the cheque wallet was themed.
    With our stomachs full it was time for some e-tickets.
    The crowds were light due to the bad weather in the morning so we were lucky. My plan was to get the big attractions done on the first day. Even with the very late start I wanted to stick to this plan. First stop this beautiful building. The rides itself is the same but the story behind it and pre show are very different.
    Had to get a broken lift photo. The ride is themed around the old guy at the top Harrison Hightower. He is an explorer and he has stolen an cursed Tiki statue..... And you can guess the rest.
    Next up we were to take on Mount Prometheus.
    I don't think I need to tell you what we did next. This was so much fun. We ended up riding it 4 time but the end of the trip.
    The queue theming and detail was great as you went deeper and deeper into the volcano. On the walls details of the ride vehicles and what we could expect to encounter on the Journey. I wanted to be in the line longer to take it all in. Never thought I would say that.
    This is inside Mount Prometheus. We went back here during the day and it looked and felt totally different.
    Next up was 20,000 Leagues under the sea. This was a surprise about how good this ride was for something that never had more than a 20 min wait time.
    We then headed down the back of the park to Lost River Delta. And a date with a Mr Jones.
    Indy Halloween decorations.

    This was so detailed this queue.
    There was no real wait time so we couldn't stop to take photos apart from in this first room.
    But in keeping with tradition this queue feels like it goes on for miles like the Anaheim one. The ride is pretty much the same as the Anaheim one. Well it is in Japanese but you are chasing after a crystal skull. Luckily enough it has nothing to do with that movie though.
    It was getting late now and we had been up since before the sun so we decided to head back to the hotel after this. I was happy with what we had achieved for our first 4 hours in the park. We took some shots on the way out, as expected.

    This is the entrance to Raging Spirits. We would ride this at our later visit.
    We walked through Mediterranean Harbour on our way out. This Place is beautiful.

    As with many of the lands here. There are not a lot of attractions but plenty of well thought out themed areas that you can just sit back and enjoy.
    But in saying that.... This 2 story themed Carousel is absolutely stunning at night to just look.

    One thing that struck both of us were the cast members. Even at this late hour of the day. Every time a guest would walk past they would stop what they were doing and wave as you went past. With a big smile on their face like the park had just opened.

    Thats enough for now. I will post our next day as soon as I can. I hope you enjoyed our trip so far.

  • toddy
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Hi All,
    So I am back with the last instalment of photos.
    This day was our last half day in Disneyland. We had checked out of our hotel at 6.30am stored our luggage at the hotel and then caught the monorail to Disneyland station to be there again an hour before the gates opened.
    The plan was to pick up Splash fast passes then to ride The Jungle cruise before the line got out to 4 hours wait time, which we saw the first day we were there. This worked well :-)
    The ride new part was good but I wouldn't be waiting any long length of time to ride it.
    I haven't uploaded any photos of it as it is the same Cruise you have all seen before.

    While the park was still quiet we took some photos around the castle.

    We then lined up for a ride on Peter Pan's flight when the ride went down. We started to leave the queue when the cast members came running up to us asking us to stay in the queue. We thought this was weird but didn't want to up set her. Then one minute later 5 cast members turned up and gave everyone what we called golden tickets.

    So with this now in hand we were glad we got back in the queue of a broken ride.

    Since it was close we then took on the Mansion. Chris' favourite. He loves Jack.

    Back to toontown next to get some day time photos.

    Bit of Halloween fun on the trash cans.

    Mickey Churro! Everything tastes better Mickey shaped of course.
    Time for one of my favourite rides. Splash Mountain.

    Leaving Splash we saw this food cart. We had to try the pumpkin swirl ice cream.

    This little guy watched us eat.
    Next stop was Tom Sawyer Island.

    I still love the barrel bridge.

    You could get some beautiful photos from the island.

    That's a paddlin'

    The island was a quiet retreat from the chaos that was going on just across the river. From that spot you could see the Castle and big thunder mountain. For a park that was so full of people constantly there felt like there was no one on the island. It was great.
    View from the rifle holes in the Fort.

    The time had come so we headed back towards World Bazar to head out.
    But had to have one of these before I left the parks.
    One last shot in front of the Castle and it was down World Bazar to the exit. But happily we found the Disney Gallery on our way out. A little set of stairs to an up stairs level where the Gallery was located. This felt like the perfect way to end our time here. (Sorry we couldn't take photos in there.)

    Thanks Tokyo Disney it was the best time.

    Hope you have enjoyed our little trip through the Tokyo Parks.
    Todd and Chris.

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  • lovejapan
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Awesome photo's and trip report, thank you can't wait to read the rest. Love that you got your fast pass by 8.10am for Toy Story gives me hope compared to last time ! Thanks for camera info funny enough that was the camera I was thinking of already buying so saying that was what you used was the last bit of info to make my mind up:-) Thanks again!

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  • toddy
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Sorry its taken me so long to get back into this. I don't know how people do this every week!

    Here is our second day at Tokyo Disney SEA.
    Hope you enjoy what was a long day.

    We woke up just before 6am to get to the monorail around 7 and be in line for the parks by 7.30. This all worked well.. Although we were still about 20-30 deep in the queue.

    We had our Plan set. Chris would go put our bags into a locker and I would run and get us our Fastpass for Toy Story Midway Mania. We would then meet and head to the back of the park and work our forward.

    So we went our separate ways. Chris had time to video the carnage that is opening of the Tokyo parks. I was long gone..

    Once we met up we took on Raging Spirits.

    Was a good little rollercoaster. Not worth a long wait for though.

    After this we took on Indie again as it was a walk on. Everyone seemed to be over in the American Waterfront still.

    After Indie we stumbled upon a character meet and greet. Goofy had the shortest line so we went with Him

    Once leaving Lost River Delta we headed to Port Discovery. But couldn't go past a photo of this view.

    Chris grabbed me a popcorn bucket while I was running for fast passes. This was a great quiet spot for this shot.

    Time for a new Port. Port Discovery. Not a large area but well themed as expected here

    Time to Ride StormRider.

    A simulator ride with a bit of extra effects. The idea is you are on a mission to eliminate a powerful storm, when of course something goes wrong.

    Next up we headed back to the American Waterfront. We hopped on to the DisneySEA Electric Railway.

    It was a nice way to get some views of parts of the park and even better to sit down for a little while. The train runs directly to the American WaterFront right near Toy Story. Yay.

    Views of Mediterranean Harbour from the Railway.

    As the train is coming into the station near the Broadway area of the WaterFront.

    The time had come to take this monster on!

    I picked up that fastpass at 8.10. That is how popular this ride is. By the time we returned to ride the standby queue was up to 120 mins.

    I loved the inside queue being in Andy's bedroom.
    Chris beat me so I didn't take a photo of the score hahaha

    I do love Bulls-eye.
    After Toy story it was time for a snack and I couldn't pass on trying the alien dumplings

    They were amazing. Each had a different flavoured custard inside.

    Time to leave the toys now.
    We ran into this chef on the way to Cape Cod.
    This was one of my favourite areas of the park. There are no rides here, a show and a character meet is all. But the whole area is just so well themed. You feel like you are in a quiet coastal village on the coast of America.

    I loved it here.

    So much detail as I had grown to expect in these parks.
    Cape Cod is the home to Duffy and we found out Oswald as well. We spent a good 5-10 minutes playing and interacting with him. He did this with everyone in the queue. But no one minded because he was so playful and entertaining for everyone to watch.
    He noticed I had sharks (Well Bruce and friends) on my T shirt and made arm movements like a shark and chased us both trying to bite us. This was similar to all characters in these 2 parks.

    We had a bit of time to wait before we could get our photo taken with Duffy so we had a walk around the area and took some shots.

    View from the Lighthouse back to the Columbia and the main Waterfront area.
    The Lighthouse. One for the lighthouse fans.

    A little memento for us. We spent a good 20 mins out on this point just taking photos and enjoying the quiet corner that this was.

    Now time had come to see what all the fuss was about.

    Duffy here was almost as popular as Mickey was it seemed.

    This it would turn out would be our longest wait for anything the whole time over the 4 days we were here.
    Little bit of Australia in the queue. Could not not take a photo of that.

    So here we are with Duffy in his Halloween costume for the year.

    On our way to lunch in Cape cod found this guy.
    And his best friend was out and about too.

    Time to head back to the main area of the park.
    So after spending so much time in Duffy's home town I have to admit I was bitten by the Duffy bug. And did get myself a Duffy, as did Chris. I was dead against him before I got to the park but must say I did fall in love with him.
    This photo gives you an idea of the size of the ship. All it is is a restaurant, bar and Turtle Talk with Crush. That is a massive amount of theming just for that.

    See Huge!!
    View from the bridge back to the Tower of Terror.

    At this point we headed out to Aquasphere plaza to guest services.
    I was very glad we did as we got to see these guys out there.

    Our Dinner reservations were fast approaching so time to head over to Magellan's

    That's where the SEA bit comes into it...
    This place looked amazing.

    Food was wonderful. Not as good as the S.S. Columbia but pretty close.

    We had a bit of time to kill before Fantasmic so we headed under the sea.

    Good Evening King

    For a kids area it was so well done. It was getting long in the day now so the area was quiet too.
    Mediterranean Harbour was under going construction when we were there which made viewing a little difficult so we watch Fantasmic from behind. So we didn't get that many photos.

    And that was pretty much our day done.
    Off to bed for another half day at Disneyland tomorrow.
    That will be coming soon. Hoping for this week.
    Thanks for the comments .

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  • TDS Traveller
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Oh and avoid Shinjuku Station (otherwise known as the station where signs either tell you EVERYTHING [and I mean EVERYTHING], or NOTHING of value). Tokyo Station is relatively simple compared to the honeycomb maze that is Shinjuku Station!

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  • toddy
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Originally posted by AmyAnne View Post
    Thanks for posting. I also am wondering about the camera and lens for the nighttime photos.

    Also, we will be arriving at Disney by train from Kyoto -- any advice about making that trip?
    We came in from Kyoto as well. Best thing we used was google maps the whole trip. Told us what train to catch and where the station was.
    We caught the bullet train from Kyoto to Tokyo then walked what felt like miles to the Keio line. Then a few stop and we were there YAY! Like all travel in Japan it was easy.

    The camera Chris used was a SONY ALPHA 6.
    Sony 50mm 1.8 lens (Great for low light)
    Sony 16mm lens ultra wide converter (great for tight spaces)

    Day 3 and 4 coming soon. Hopping for some time to do it tomorrow.

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  • Pips
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Amazing! I'm gonna swim there if I have to. THANK YOU for bringing it all to life!!

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  • TDS Traveller
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Once you get to Tokyo station just ask somebody to point you to the Keio line.

    You'll actually see signs that say "Tokyo Disney Resort"/"TDL, joined with the Keio Line signs.

    After you board it's about six stops.

    It's really easy - trust me - I used to be TERRIFIED of the Japanese train system but that's one of THE EASIEST trips you'll make!

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  • AmyAnne
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Thanks for posting. I also am wondering about the camera and lens for the nighttime photos.

    Also, we will be arriving at Disney by train from Kyoto -- any advice about making that trip?

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  • greenkai3000
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Awesome TR and pictures. Can't wait to see more. We'll be there in less than 4 weeks and really look forward to our own experience at TDR.

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  • mikeland
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Amazing photos! Especially the night time photos. You two make a cute couple.

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  • jedimaster7313
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Great photos & glad you had such a great time. I've been to their Halloween once when it was the Villains theme & it was fantastic.

    I'll be back in November for my annual trip. Looking forward to more of your pictures- I can never get enough of Tokyo Disney Resort.

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  • TDS Traveller
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Great to see these, since it's now ONE WEEK until we leave for Japan and my third trip to the TDR!!!!!!!

    SO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • StarKodama
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Beautiful! Can't wait to see more.

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  • lovejapan
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Great photo's thanks so much. Do you mind letting me know what type of camera and lens you used as well?

    Thanks again

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  • Roger55
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Very nice! Thanks for sharing.

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  • toddy
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Ok so I am back. Time for day 2 of our Disney Trip. There are a lot of photos to come. This was our only full day at Tokyo Disneyland. So Here we go!

    We got to the park roughly an hour before opening. We were already over 20 deep in the queue.

    Unlike the American parks once you are through the gates its a race... People running everywhere! It was almost like scenes from a Black Friday Sale.
    Fastpasses for Monsters Inc first then straight on the Pooh's Hunny Hunt.

    As everyone else had run for the Jungle Cruise, Pooh was a walk on YaY!!

    Even time for some detail shots

    This was the one ride we would have liked to have gone on again but didn't get a chance.
    From the back of the park at Fantasyland we headed back to Tomorrowland. Stopping to take in the Castle before it go too crazy.

    It was not till I got home and looked at this photo that I saw the Dragon (I guess that is what it is) just beside the moat.

    As you can seen not many people around as yet. Now off the Tomorrowland.
    Time to see what all the fuss was about with Monster Inc.
    Cannot say this was our favourite ride.. We got off and could not see what all the fuss was about... But glad I got to go on it. Off to much better things now..
    Although it was in Japanese I knew the script anyway .
    On the way to Space Mountain we were lucky enough to run into Mr Incredible.
    After such a busy morning it was time for lunch. Back to Fantasyland we headed.

    We had lunch here really just for the over the top theming and because there isn't one anywhere else... It wasn't for the food like at the S.S. Columbia the night before.

    Loved the Unbirthday Cake. Did not get it though, happy to look but not try )
    As mentioned before here is the food... It was something different thats for sure.

    It was something I had to try when I was there.
    After lunch we took a seat like everyone else and waited for the parade (about 25-30 minutes). Guests wait for a parade up to 2 hours before it starts. Each to their own.

    The size of these floats was what surprised me. It was a great parade.
    After the parade we went for a walk down World Bazar (Main St) and out to the front entry area of the park.

    This is a large area between the turnstiles and World Bazar. Plenty of characters seem to be out here at all times of the day. Every time we were there we found at least 2 characters running around.
    There is no lining up for a photo here it is a matter of getting in front of a character and pointing to the camera they have to pose too!
    Characters here are so interactive and have fun with you when you want your photo taken. I saw Smee leading a group of guest away and turning his back making them chase him around. Was great fun to watch.
    Couldn't not take a photo of this.
    After a little break it was back into it we went.

    Back to FantasyLand again... We did go to the other half of the park. But wait times were to long so we hit that the next day here.

    It was my first time seeing Jack in the Haunted Mansion. I was more than a little excited.

    We were able to ride this 3 times

    Chris had never done this ride, so we had to do it!

    Time for an evening Parade

    As you can see it was a Halloween parade.

    Time to go see the big Cheese!!

    Sorry Pluto I borrowed your dog bed. I needed a nap

    Mickey's house looking great with his Halloween decorations all lit up.

    Was good to see the characters as Halloween pumpkins.

    Such a cute idea. I loved it!
    By this time the sun was starting to set. We grabbed a quick counter bite and then back to find a spot for the light parade.

    This was my favourite float. I do love Genie.

    Next up on the schedule was the Castle night show. "Once upon a Time"

    I thought this show was amazing.... But then I love every Castle show.

    I had to finish with this shot.

    After the show we walked back through the Castle waiting for the park to empty out.

    Sorry that one was taken on an iPhone.. I had never noticed these details before.

    This is some of my favourite times in a park. When it starts to filter out.

    We hung around with these 2 for around 30 minutes. Just taking photos and just really soaking up being here.

    It was time to go now. It had been a very long day, but we weren't tired.

    The park closed at 10. I love this about Disney Parks!

    Ok one last shot before we go.

    So that is day 2 done.
    A full day of Tokyo SEA and another half day in Disneyland to go.
    Hope you have enjoyed our photos so far. More to come when I get some time to put it all together.
    Last edited by toddy; 03-29-2015, 02:58 AM.

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  • toddy
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Thank you all for the nice comments.
    Chris took the majority of the photos. I'm more a click on the run where as he frames a shot much better than me.
    There is plenty more to come. I just need to find the time to sit down and do them. March has been a very busy time here in Sydney.
    More photos to come soon

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  • Sixh
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    Very very nice pictures, glad you enjoyed many of the smaller details like ornamentation of menus and posters and that kind of stuff.

    people rarely post it, and theres A LOT of hidden Mickeys on menus and flyers At TDS
    !Isee you also liked The Journey-TTCOTE my personal favorite !

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  • Whitney Thomas
    Re: My First trip to Tokyo Disneyland Resort (VERY photo heavy)

    You guys are so cute! I can hardly stand it

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