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  • News Easter 2015

    The main site has been up for awhile now. Here are some of the important merch links:


    Page 1
    The bunny plush strap is so cute! The notepad to the right of it would've made a good pass case but I'm hoping the egg series gets the treatment this year.
    Page 2
    Candy tins are pretty cool. The hoodie sadly misses the mark with me.
    Page 3
    Donald Nanoblock! I believe this is his first time for easter.
    Page 4
    TDS goods, other pages just repeat.

    Hotel Menu items

    Souvenir Menu items

    A plate and a cup? I am shocked. The candy containers are cute though I wish they had chosen other characters. Personally, I would've preferred Hamm, Thumper and Stitch. Mickey had his turn last year and that Alien keeps getting all the cool stuff. That popcorn bucket however... disappointing. Cute art, but so basic and lazy. No 3D element, not collapsible, not even a little lenticular to make up! Hate to say it, cheap. Worst of all, it's the only bucket being offered. I was really hoping for Donald (again) but after his new update I could see how it might've proven difficult. Still, no excuse someone else couldn't get the treatment. Why not Olaf? Frozen is mega over there (everywhere really) I'm sure he would've sold like hotcakes. Such a missed opportunity.

    Create your own creation

    Carton of eggs (TDR)

    Ok, this is freakin adorable! I :love: it. So unique. After translating I do have a worry. It sounds like you have to pick 3 "letter eggs". Really hope not, 'cause given the option I would much prefer three more characters over plain eggs with letters. Wonder what the actual size of the eggs will be and the material.

    Pouch with add on parts (TDS)

    Standard & Expert course prizes

    Olaf!! I definitely want him. Too cute. )

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    Re: Easter 2015

    Thanks, Danimated! I've got teething baby right now, and a mother-in-law coming this weekend. I really needed something to cheer me up and during a (short) naptime I was able to see this and Duffy's Easter Fair. Heart Tokyo Disney!
    Drop another coin in slot and I will tell you more.


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