Hi Everyone,

Back with my next question. As I said in an earlier thread we have only 1 day each in Disneyland and Disneysea. Previously we have had more time in each park and have been able to relax to go on all the rides and more than once for some of them so we haven't worried about a plan too much. The days we will be there will be busy 22nd and 23rd of December. I have tried to search for 1 day plans but can't find them in previous posts even though I have read them.

So this question is specifically the order for Disneyland I will come back again another day Disneysea. We are two families with 4 children (8 & 12). We will line up and hour before opening. Our rides we want to attempt to include anything else will just be to fill in time if available;

Monster's Inc
Space Mountain
Star Tours
Haunted Mansion
Tea Cups
Splash Mountain
Thunder Mountain
Pirates of Caribbean
Jungle Cruise.

Can someone please help we can send a single adult to get fast passes when needed. I know last time we did the fast pass for Monster Inc and Straight onto Pooh's but can't remember much of the rest of the order.

Thanks again.