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Parade show stops, waiting for parades, and Disney hotel early entry?


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  • [Question] Parade show stops, waiting for parades, and Disney hotel early entry?

    Hi guys, I'm going to the TDR this month and had a few quick questions.

    I love parades and I was wondering about where the show stops are for the Happiness is Here parade and the Hippity-Hoppity Springtime parade, so I can be sure to save a seat in one of those areas. Speaking of, I've read advice on here to save a spot for parades at least an hour in advance to 90 minutes in advance, does that get you a front row seat or just a good seat?

    I'm also staying at the TDL Hotel and planning on using the 15 minute early entry. Where do you line up in the morning to get in early? Even if I'm staying at the hotel, should I still get to the early entry spot an hour early? Are the FastPass machines open for the early fifteen minutes or do you go in, ride the one attraction that's open and then wait by a FastPass machine?


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    Re: Parade show stops, waiting for parades, and Disney hotel early entry?

    We had a great show stop in front of the Country Bear Theatre for the HHS parade. It's really cute and I'd recommend seeing it. Ninety minutes should get you a REALLY good front row spot. Look to where and when other guests are congregating and you might also have a good idea of where the show stops are.

    The line for hotel guests is to the right, as you face the entry gates. There will be lots of CMs to assist you and direct you, if you still cannot find it.

    There's really no need to line up early, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, in comparison to the amount of day guests lined up, hotel guests are a very small percentage. If you're REALLY eager to get in, you could always get there thirty minutes early (fifteen minutes BEFORE hotel guest entry), to be guaranteed to be one of the first in the park, but it's not really that urgent.

    As far as I know, the attractions are not open (or not all of them), but you DO have access to FP machines. Likewise, if the attraction is not yet open, grab a FP and then jump into the standby line for whichever attraction you'd like to ride first. For example, grab a FP for MI then go immediately to HH and get in the standby line. You're already positioned to have ridden two of the most popular attractions in the first half hour of official park operating hours!



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      Re: Parade show stops, waiting for parades, and Disney hotel early entry?

      There is no show stop for Happiness Is Here. For HHST, depending on which characters do you want to see. The parade stops 3 times at Dumbo - Diamond Horseshoe/ Central Plaza (Hub)/ Tomorrowland - Toontown. The Hub is the crowdest area but you will get amazing photos there. If you just simply watch, I recommend to watch at Fantasyland and Adventureland routes. It is less crowded. If you dont want the specific characters, just find any spot, then it will be fine. For the best experience I highly recommend to watch at the hub. Hub area has better speakers and sound system.

      Front row seat especially Mickey Float will be full after 0.1 second after the park opens so I suggest to stay away from Mickey. There are 7 floats, Mickey is the 4th float.

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