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Finding Dory will replace Storm Rider

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    Originally posted by Fukai View Post
    with visible lines on the screen that look lousy and ruin the illusion. The projection is not strong and bright, which will no doubt be fixed because I'm sure they're going to use 4k projectors for this.
    I don't think they update the screen at all. It is nothing like when I watched the movie at the cinema. Not as bad as the screen at Mermaid Lagoon show, but it is not even better than my local cinema.

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      I rode it last week and enjoyed it overall. They let Disney hotel guests enter 15 minutes early and queue up. We actually were escorted to the attraction and let in before park opening. Total 10 minute wait until we were in the pre-show area. By the time I got off the ride, the park was open and the wait was 50 mins. Don't think I would have enjoyed it as much after waiting an hour!


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        Just my two cents. I did this ride way back in the summer. I did StormRider before and I was very impressed with that, what with the weather rocket striking back into the simulator itself. Sadly that element is gone now. The animals are cute but it is now more of a kids ride with very little sense of excitement.
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          I went on this ride a month ago when I was at the resort.

          It's almost impossible to come up with anything good to say about it.
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            ^If it is as much of a dud/misfire with the general audience as it with you and me, here's hoping it'll be changed out sooner rather than later.