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24 hour event for tokyo disneyland


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  • [Question] 24 hour event for tokyo disneyland

    everyone. i had been thinking, and i don't know if it works or not. we seen disneyland and disney world hosted a 24 hour event and it worked successfully in my opinion. And with tokyo disneyland keeps grabbing crowds, should this event be included for tokyo disney park as well, both disneyland and disney sea?

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    Re: 24 hour event for tokyo disneyland

    I highly doubt this would be done.

    In Tokyo most of the Guests and Cast Members get to and from the resort using public transportation which does not run 24hrs/day. This is the reason why TDR always closes by 10PM in order to be able to allow people to get home before the transit system closes for the night.

    If they were to have such an event they would have to have enough Cast Members to operate the parks to stay all night. Guests too would basically have to commit to staying and would not have a way home except for a very expensive taxi ride.


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      Visit my pages (Nikkoap92) for lots of pictures from Tokyo Disney Resort ^_^



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        Re: 24 hour event for tokyo disneyland

        Disneyland in California doesn't do fireworks, or the evening show Fantasmic, on the weekdays during off-season. Only on weekends.

        Not sure about Walt Disney World.

        The fireworks at the Tokyo Disney Resort are an afterthought, not the 25 minute extravaganzas Americans are used to at the US parks (or Hong Kong Disneyland, which has the best fireworks of all).

        Personally, as long as Electrical Parade Dreamlights runs in the evening at Tokyo Disneyland, I am a happy camper.
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          Re: 24 hour event for tokyo disneyland

          At WDW there are fireworks every night at the MK, weather permitting. Same for Illuminations at Epcot.


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