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Country Bear Theater Soundtrack


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  • [Question] Country Bear Theater Soundtrack

    Does anyone know or have the soundtrack for the Country Bear Jingle Bell Jamboree and the Vacation Jamboree?Also when they do a holiday overlay do they dress up the bears or are they different audio-automatronics?
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    Re: Country Bear Theater Soundtrack

    Hello Duckzz! If you're looking for the complete American (English) versions of the Country Bear shows, look no further than the 50th Disneyland Anniversary set, "A Musical History of Disneyland." This set contains the complete shows of three iterations: Country Bear Jamboree (15:33), Country Bear Vacation Hoedown (16:47), both on disc 2, and Country Bear Christmas Special (16:11) on disc 6.

    As this is the Tokyo Disney forum page, I imagine you're looking for the Japanese versions. To my knowledge, the closest you can get to finding the shows would be to purchase either 12 disc sets of the Tokyo Disney Resort 25th Anniversary "Dream," (disc 3) or the 30th Anniversary set, "Happiness," (discs 1,2,&3) The Bear Band Serenade runs about 5 minutes on both, the Vacation Jamboree runs 6 minutes, and the Jingle Bell runs a tad above 4 minutes.

    If you can find the Tokyo Disney Resort 2003 set "Treasures of Fantasy: Dreams and Adventures" there is a 10 minute version of Country Bears: the Great Outdoors (disc three).
    I hope this helps!
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      Re: Country Bear Theater Soundtrack

      Thank you


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        Re: Country Bear Theater Soundtrack

        The versions of both the Jingle Bell Jamboree and Vacation Jamboree are different in Tokyo than they were when they ran in the US.
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          Re: Country Bear Theater Soundtrack

          They do dress up the bears for the overlays, there are videos on YouTube of both overlays and the original in Tokyo. As far as the audio goes, there is no official release, but I edited together source audio recordings of the American versions with live audio of the Japanese versions. The original version is the same songs, just with some in Japanese, but the overlays are different. I kept as much as possible in English on these recordings, but there is still some Japanese.

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