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Guest Assistance Card - Travelling with injuries/disabilities


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  • [Question] Guest Assistance Card - Travelling with injuries/disabilities

    Hi all,

    I have another trip to TDR booked in October (Yay!) but unfortunately I have a foot condition (a semi-permanent issue that is worse at some times than others) that has been exacerbated recently and will likely still prevent me from standing/walking for long periods by then.

    I have read that TDR has a 'Guest Assistance Card' that allows you to wait out an attraction's queue time in a seated area where available. By the looks of the website I am eligible.

    Does anyone here have experience using this system? Do you need a doctor's certificate? (Apparently 'temporary injuries' are eligible but mine is invisible and I may have trouble explaining it in broken Japanese). Also are there places to get it outside the park before entering (Welcome Center maybe?)? I'd rather not spend those all-important morning hours sitting in Main Street House miming my issues if I can get it in advance!


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    I've read everything available on the official website/other websites I've found, but I've yet to find out much about what one needs to do to actually prove they have temporary injuries (if they're not visible). I'm hoping that if I go into the Welcome Center with a doctor's note (in english as it's all I have) and my walking stick someone may be able to understand my issue? If anyone here has any more info on how the system works please let me know


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      I can't speak to the specifics of TDR, but rather than relying on gestures and a walking stick, and wasting valuable park time trying to make yourself understood (to say nothing of potential frustration), I'd write up a short description summarizing your condition and have it translated into Japanese, and take that with you. There are plenty of online translation tools (with varying degrees of accuracy), but there are likely local services (colleges, etc.) that would be quite inexpensive for such a small bit of text. If you can get a doctor's note, it wouldn't hurt. Just include a translated summary. That level of preparation will demonstrate not only that you're not just inventing a limp to get out of waiting in line, but also show respect and consideration by taking responsibility for making yourself understood in the language of the country you're visiting (rather than putting the burden on them to figure out what you're trying to communicate).


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