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D23 Tokyo 2015.


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  • [Chat] D23 Tokyo 2015.

    I created this thread so it can be used now and in The Upcoming Expo at Tokyo. as some of you might know,The Tokyo expo presentation is a very different event than in Anaheim and No Cameras are allowed in the whole area.

    and maybe we can hear and see new concepts on Upcoming Attractions or Attractions that hasn't been announced. Bob Iger and Tom Staggs will be representing Parks and Resorts Presentation.

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    Re: D23 Tokyo 2015.

    I doubt it will be Tom. He has left the Parks and Resorts division and is now COO.

    Probably will be Bob Chapek if anyone. He took over for Tom.


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      Starting tomorrow D23 is about to begin. I'll make sure this thread is gonna be relevant as possible. Updates will begin as soon as 3pm or earlier depending on the presentation.


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        It was Bob Chapek. And his introduction was incredible! He mentioned OLC by name at least three times, and spoke of their importance and excellence as a partner more than I've ever heard from anyone at Disney. I was absolutely blown away! He also spoke to the love and enthusiasm of Japanese fans. It was really great!

        A significant part of the presentation focused on the Disneyland 60th at Anaheim, and yet somehow it was more about the formation of that park and Disney Parks history than actually detailed information about the DL60 event itself. We were also given a special Disneyland 60th poster as a gift when we left the amphitheater.

        The largest segments of the presentation focused on Shanghai, and Star Wars, rounded out with a little update on Pandora down in Florida. Not in that order; I'm not sure on the order.

        There was a live musical performance with maybe eight singers. They were excellent, performing A medley of night spectacular hits from around the world. Their vocal rendition of Baroque Hoedown was fantastic! It started with Mr Chapek's deeply respectful introduction, but it was during this musical performance that I finally felt like I was at D23. It was the same feeling that came over me two years ago — despite all my doubts, concerns, hang-ups, and misgivings — when Disney is focused on its artists and their work, rather than its business, there is nothing else like it in the world. And all the crass commercialism and frustrating decisions we sometimes suffer through are all worth it when we are effortlessly and sincerely inspired by Disney magic. It really is spellbinding.

        So it's unfortunate that I'm just still not all that excited about Shanghai. The Shanghai Disneyland Hotel looks beautiful, as do the Gardens of Imagination. Though I wish the Gardens showed Disney characters in a cohesive Chinese art style, rather than appropriating the Chinese zodiac and just plopping in Disney characters. Besides being more respectful, I also think it would be more beautiful.

        I had never seen the Toy Story hotel before, and while I like the Luxo ball, having the entire exterior of such a huge structure covered with Andy's very simple wallpaper seemed a little boring to me. But maybe that will actually be a welcome patch of blue sky for Shanghai and its guests from Beijing!^^

        The Tron lightcycle ride looked as good as it always has and they showed a bit of the pirate-themed land, Treasure Cove. The highlight (shown for the first time) was a very short video with a 3D rendering of… something?? It was a large-scale pirate battle and our perspective shifted more dynamically than in the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. I couldn't be sure, though, if the final version would be a ride with animatronics, a live performance by humans, an interactive area where guests get to be pirates, or something else. The applause here was a bit off and the video ended kind of abruptly; I think many audience members were as confused as I was. Treasure Cove would be my reason to go to Shanghai DL, though. It sounds amazing!

        The Pandora update may not have shown anything we hadn't already seen. To be honest, I'm even less interested in Pandora than in Shanghai Disneyland, so I may have missed part of it.

        The highlight for me… Oh, I almost forgot. There was a clip of what I assume to be the actual attraction video for the Iron Man thing coming to HKDL. As it's just a video-based attraction (strike one), tied to my least-favorite Marvel character (strike two, though I loved the FIRST movie), and not in my home park, I wasn't terribly interested. The dialogue was more generic than I'd expect from a Capcom fighting game and it didn't sound like it was even voiced by Robert Downey, which I found completely shocking. If the Harry Potter kids and Toy Story actors can do it, he can do it.

        So, yeah, the thing that finally thrilled me in so many levels was when Mr Chapek brought out Scott Trowbridge to talk about developing Star Wars lands. Besides being hilarious, charming, intelligent, excited, and just overall astounding in his presentation, he made the entire talk IN JAPANESE. He made too many jokes to list all of them, but one of my favorites was that his Japanese teacher had been a Wookiee, so that's why his Japanese might sound a little "off!"^^

        I'm not sure whether any of the art we saw was new, but he talked about how they were thing to nail down details like the flavor of blue milk and the fragrance of wampa dung. At one point he was interrupted by a pair of stormtroopers, and then Darth Vader rose up out of the floor. He threatened us about guarding Imperial secrets, so I guess soldiers will be at my door anytime now.

        Finally, there was brief mention of the Frozen expansion coming to Tokyo DisneySEA. It was mostly used to set up a final musical performance of "Let It Go." Upon entering the amphitheater, we had been given a small sealed bag and asked not to open it immediately. Now we were invited to open it and enjoy a light-up snowflake pendant during the performance. Unfortunately it wasn't D23 or even Disney branded, very generic, but still a nice touch.

        And that was it.


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          did he mention when the expansion for tdl will be finished? especially for frozen land? thanks


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            the timeline for the 1st phase is March 2018 for both Fantasyland and frozen. Opening of attractions willbe in phases and as of now Expansion plan is changing. we don't what but one things for sure they didn't reduce the budget. Some areas might change according to OLC on November 6th Imagineers were in the expansion area.


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              So it was mostly like Anaheim's D23 panel....
              Check out my work on


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                Originally posted by brianpinsky View Post
                So it was mostly like Anaheim's D23 panel....
                it's really identical to the Anaheim panel. except for the frozen finale.


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