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TDL Special Event: Disney's Rock Around the Mouse


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  • TDL Special Event: Disney's Rock Around the Mouse

    Seems like I won't be able to attend TDL's 22nd anniversary on April 15th this year but nevertheless...just wanted to update some of you on their newest special event "Disney's Rock Around the Mouse", which promises to be a Blast to the Past, similar to DL's ultra cool special event from 1987. This is the 3rd time TDL has put on a special event with the 50's rock & roll and fads as their theme. ..and this one appears to be the biggest rock & roll event yet. Hoola hoops, poodle skirts and those dandy greased lighting cars will be prominently featured.

    The Streetacular will take place clock wise around TDL's hub (with lotto assigned central viewing area directly in front of the castle). An elegant and stylish centerpiece will adorn the center garden of the hub, featuring the characters in their 50's convertibles, while in the World Bazaar plaza, two photo spots will recreate the looks of 50's gas stations complete with pumps and banners and the likes.

    The show will revolve around Mickey and the gang throwing a Blast to the Past party with friends such as Donald, Goofy, Chip & Dale with sexy Clarice in tow...and other characters. However, some uninvited guests do crash the party...among them Cruella, Gaston and the Big Bad Wolf...

    As always...there will be cool event collectibles to buy, special menus at most restaurants around the park, and some of those nifty little things as collector popcorn bucket, cups and lunch boxes, and 3D picture soda cups which are items to be sold at most counter services spots around the park. CM-like name tag key chains will also be available for sale with your personal monogramed name on them...etc etc!!

    The english version of the site does not offer much info...

    But the japanese site is loaded with lots of pictures from everything related to the event, so all you have to do is click on the different links withing the Rock Around the Mouse page.
    The page loads and you will get to sample the event's original theme song

    watch the TV commercial here...

    ..and download your personal wallpaper here..

    I wish I was able to attend this party...

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