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Mythica review/photos by TDLFAN


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  • Mythica review/photos by TDLFAN

    Hello All,
    As you all know by now.. I had the chance to go to TDS on July 14th to attend the very first official performance of TDS' new $29 million lagoon parade/show extravaganza "Legend of Mythica". Joining me and my G-Fan were some friends as well. A great time was had by all and even the heat and humidity didn't seem to damper the festive mood and excited crowds around the park, which was very busy on this the first day of TDS' 5th anniversary celebration.

    As for "Legend of Mythica".. the show storyline goes like this...

    >>Long ago, dragons, unicorns, and creatures of fantasy roamed the Earth and Seas. Humans and Mythical creature shared the Earth and danced together as ONE, throught the harmonic sounds of drums.
    However... the humans began to argue with the mythical friends over the rhythm of the drums and soon all harmony disappeared.
    With Rhythms gone, the mythical creatures retreated back to Mythica to wait for humans to once again join in Harmony.
    Our Mythical friends... with hope to see humans join in rhythms again.. left behind an Ancient Key so that one day, when Humans were ready, they could open the gateway to Mythica and call their mythical friends to join again.
    Now after a rather long long time, our Disney friends at TDS, have gathered around mediterranean Harbor to open the gateway to the World of Mythica and live in Harmony and rhythems with those mythical friends.<<<

    ...And there you have it. Now my thoughts...

    When I first watched a video of a preview performanceof Mythica, I was not sure what to think and not much made sense. Now after seeing the show in person..all I have to say is WOW!
    I personally have not seen this level of pageantry and fanfare at any Disney park show ever, and it's very obvious the show producers went all out to give the guests an experience unlike anything else ever done at any Disney show.

    First up... the show takes place on the water, on land and in the sky. On land, there are 5 stage areas where during the act 4 and 5 of the show, performers dance and do acrobatics to the frenetic music during the "celebration" finale. On the water.. the goddess of Mythica, who serves as our narrator is joined by Mickey in a centerpiece stage/float that features dancing waters, pyrotechnics and other special effects. In fact... the eye candy starts early on when all Disney characters floating vessels sparkle in bright and strobing lights.
    After a lenghty set up of the story, Goddess introduces the Disney characters, each representing something (Chip and Dale are "friendship" etc) while the waters of the lagoon are filled with magical mystical sights from worlds unknown.
    After our Disney friends unlock the door to Mythica, the show kicks in high gear and more magical sights take to the water... such as unicorns, dragons... etc etc. After a festive reunion of humans and mystical creatures, the show ends in a positive note of harmony and peace.

    That's basically it.. What else can I say about this..? Hmm... The production values are quite high, if not the highest I have seen at Disney. Costuming for the hundred of performers is simply stunning. The floats themselves, about 9 of them, are filled with so much details, fire effect, smoke effects, gems, color and pageatry, it's simply impossible to take it all in in just one viewing.

    The show deals with the logistics of being a water ballet. But the entire cast of performers and stage hands pull it off effortlessly and with control throughout.

    The Music score is epic and while sometimes if goes off the deep in, as in the frenetic "Celebration" song, the music is worthy of a cecil B deMills film. Grand and mysterious now and explosive the next moment.

    All in all, this is a show that must be seen live to be enjoyed. There is so much coming at you from all angles that it basically overwhelms you. I was stunned by the quality of work and the fabulous animation of all props used on the show. These would be the most amazing and complex floats I have ever seen at Disney.. They spit fire now, and smoke later, while others are wondrous water fountains...on water!

    All in all, this show may or may not be for everyone...but for those like me who can see pass the logistics and can appreciate the amount of work that has gone into it... you will appreciate every moment of it, and then some.

    TDLFAN rates it 4**** out of 5. A must see show at TDS. Catch it when you visit and be there early for a good spot. Best spot to watch the spectacle unfold would be at Lido Isle..but towards the upper back side of the seating area, as that would permit you to see both the action on water and land. Simply a stunning show to watch and appreciate.

    Here are the photos... enjoy.
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    Re: Mythica review/photos by TDLFAN

    $29 million for a show. Wow.


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      Re: Mythica review/photos by TDLFAN

      ..and as usual, quite underappreciated by the masses who have not seen it in person.


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