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Lashbear's TDR / Japan Trip Report


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    Re: Lashbear's TDR / Japan Trip Report

    Your first TDL photo quote reads >>I finallygot to Tokyo Disneyland, and BOY, does it beat
    the other parks, hands-down !!<<

    Tell me something I didn't know already... If Disney apologists only knew how good OLC is to the franchise...

    Thanks for sharing the photos...


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      Re: Lashbear's TDR / Japan Trip Report

      Thanks for posting the pics. We so BADLY want to go visit TDS (and TDL of course). We are big Jules Verne fans (the Nemo in my name isn't for the fish!). Someday..........I so wish we had a TDS quality park in the states.
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        Re: Lashbear's TDR / Japan Trip Report

        great photos.. (only looked at TDL & Dreamland..)

        amazing how much that park looks firmilliar...


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          Re: Lashbear's TDR / Japan Trip Report

          ..and you'd be amazed how much better it is to our parks in the USA.