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  • Tomorrowland

    I have been looking at the Tomorrowland of Tokyo Disneyland lately in comparison to others and was thinking is there any plans to update it?

    Does it really matter to the visitors of this park in comparison to the other parks that this Tomorrowland looks more like 1980-something than Jules Verne, Buck Rogers, or the ecletic DL version of 2005? I'm sure they will eventually update, but will they think of something new or an old concept. Whatever their choice, it will be sucessful?

    I kind of like the style of this Tomorrowland because it seems to be The World on the Move at Disneyland, however sans the Peoplemover. They had their Carousel of Progress (Meet the World), Rocket Jets, and Theatre. And like the 1967 Tomorrowland and TDL's Tomorrowland, almost every ride or attraction has a sponsor.

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    Rumor was ...There were some plans to update TDL's TL some time ago, and the working project name was "Sci-Fi City". However, I have not heard anything else on this anymore. I am beginning to believe it was just rumor and speculation. Nothing concrete. Usually when OLC announces anything, it's like SHOCK! No one knew anything...just like the recent announcement for the 3rd hotel outside TDL's gates. Who Knew? ..and it's coming in 2008 for the 25th anniversary.


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      You are so right about TDL's Tomorowland needing an update! It is the most plain and boring looking of all the Tomorrowlands.

      This is a park that deserves a much more special land. But I would hope that they would update it in conjunction with a major new attraction as well. Something on par with Splash or Pooh.
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        I have to say...I am torn on this. I guess because TDL's Tomorrowland reminds me of my first visit to WDW's Tomorrowland when I was 9 yrs old. Something about that classic look that stirs great memories. But I also think the area needs an overhaul. When they opened Star Tours and Pan Galatic Pizza Place, that area got a very cool futuristic space travel look. It would have been nice to see them continue this look to the rest of Tomorrowland.


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          I think TDL Tomorrowland could use a Peoplemover or Skyway...something to add motion


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            Originally posted by MotorBoatCruise2005
            I think TDL Tomorrowland could use a Peoplemover or Skyway...something to add motion
            It had a skyway. They took it out, like they did in California and Florida.


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              DON'T TOUCH IIITTTT

              I remember watching one of those Dreamlights videos that was filmed in Tomorrowland and being in awe at hearing the old MSEP jingle with a big white USA rocketship spinning people around on a platform above.

              It's just soothing to know that, someplace, all that stuff is still there.


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                skyway was such an eyesore o_o

                glad TDL was wise to this too

                Paris never had one though right?

                always good

                I dunno what Tokyos Tomorrowland needs but it could use it's own unique makeover I think

                if they could a Peoplemover would be great for it why didn't they add one before?
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                  I miss the skyway at DL. Always loved going through the Matterhorn.


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                    The more-or-less-original Tomorrowland is one of the wonderful things about Tokyo Disneyland! After the decade-long mess they've made of Califorina's TLand, it is crazy to recommend or hope for those changes to this very nice park. (I'm still glad I got to see Meet The World before it's demise). I would far rather see a little upgrade to 'Dumbo' with the water and gold features found in Disneyland and EuroDisney - would make Tokyo's Fantasyland far more luxe.

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                      Well...since the addition of Queen of Hearts, the new Tea Cups and the colorful facade of IASW...I personally believe TDL's Fantasyland is much much nicer than WDW's bland and cramped FL, and at least the TDL one has gardens and trees, unlike WDW's.

                      jspider, NO, DLP never had a Skyway ride.

                      As for TDL's Tomorrowland...yes, it suffers from being originally copied from WDW's futuristic retro 70's chic but it does have it's better spots... I personally enjoyed these areas a lots:


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                        I know TDL had a Skyway (1983 - 1998), but since it was enclosed and more efficient they shouldve kept it.

                        A Peoplemover or something MOVING in that Tomorrowland would help


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                          Do the StarJets and the Grand Prix raceway do not count???


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                            There were some plans to update TDL's TL some time ago, and the working project name was "Sci-Fi City".
                            No, this was not just a rumor as this was included in one of the previous Disney Theme Park books along with concept art. The WDW tomorrowland, as well as HKDL obviously draw on sci-fi elements too.


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                              Do you have any pics of inside the Star tours queue, TDLFAN? Thanks


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