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20,000 Leagues under the sea pictures?


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    Tokyo DisneySea 20K

    I had a different take on the attraction. First of all, it was one of my favorite rides at DisneySea and I think it would have made a nice addition to Disneyland, insted of Finding Nemo. I feel it would have themed better with Tomorrowland.
    As your sub discovers the sunken Atlantis, the creatures seem to be curious about us. I never felt that they were attacking the sub, but rather pushing the sub out of danger. You see a shadow (projection) of I believe 3 of the creatures pushing your vehicle, followed by some colorful lights and a final creature appears in your window before the sub heads for the surface.
    Since I don't speak Japanese, I don't know what is being said in the narration during this scene.
    The only negitive is that I wish the Giant Squid attack had been longer. You see it's eye and tenticles and that's about it, since it's hidden in the wreckage of sunken ships. The ride could have been a bit longer too.


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      I agree with Hatboxy that the Atlanteans don't seem hostile. They appear to be helping the sub back to the surface.

      Someone posted a link to Scott Sherman's website above. This image...

      ...shows the shadow animation and one of the creatures holding a glowstick (crowd control?).

      And this image...

      ...features a track layout plan with the ride dialogue shown in English (!).

      Also, one of the features of the attraction not previously mentioned is a joystick-controlled lamp. It is only active during a couple of scenes, but it helps illuminate some of the darker areas of the ride, and when you first enter the Atlantis section the Atlanteans duck down behind rocks every time your light passes over one of them...


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        The joystick: that particular feature was added after the ride had already opened. It has enhanced the ride experience.

        The glowstick: it is to illuminate the Atlanteans and the route they are taking you through. in the previous scene, all the electricity had gone out because of the giant octopus and were taken to deeper parts of the sea.


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          OMG those pics were incredible! I would love to see all that in person. Sounded like a really neat ride befor I saw the pics. But now... WOW!


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            Mouseplanet did a good article awhile back with a great ride description and pics of the que:

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              There were two rides we rode more than once at TDS. 20,000 Leagues (2x) and JttCotE (3x). Both are spectacular. There's nothing like riding a great Disney ride for the very first time.


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                Having visited DisneySea and been on 20,000 Leagues, I found the ride extremely underwhelming at the time. Personally, the biggest factor was the inability to comprehend what was going on. The ride is very story/narrative driven and can't be completely enjoyed unless you understand what's going on.

                However, having had a look at the ride layout, finding out all these little tidbits and actually having a script to understand what had happened, I'm a bit more compelled to want to go back again.

                I agree with the sentiment that the ride is over too quickly though.


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                  Good things come in small packages.


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                    Re: 20,000 Leagues under the sea pictures?

                    Since this ride is "dry" and the underwater scenes are just depictions, couldn't they remodel the WDW Sub building and install this ride? I bet Disneyland will get the wet Nemo sub ride and Disney World will get the dry ride either 20,000 Leagues again or maybe a Nemo version, too.


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                      Re: 20,000 Leagues under the sea pictures?

                      Why not a little mermaid version of this ride for fantasyland at WDW? It sure would fit in with the land.
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                        Re: 20,000 Leagues under the sea pictures?

                        But would not fit with their budgets...sadly.


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                          Re: 20,000 Leagues under the sea pictures?

                          Those links to Scott Sherman's site were extremely useful. 20,000 Leagues seems to be one of a handful of rides English-speaking guests won't be able to fully enjoy. You get the jist of the plot....but losing out on the dialogue made this ride one of my least favorite. The Magic Lamp Theatre was the same as well; albeit, the what I saw was quite impressive.