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    Hello friends,
    I'm just three weeks away from my first visit to TDL and TDS and the insomnia of anticipation has started!

    What are the tips and tricks that a Disney-park-phile needs to know to get the most out of this rare adventure?

    Whether you've visited the park once or many times, your advice will be most appreciated. And it will mostly just make me crazy with expectation.

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    First question... what type of theme park fan are you?

    Are you mainly an attractions fan? Or do you also enjoy seeing shows, parades, special events? How about time for atmosphere absorption, character greetings or shopping/eating? This will dictate how you handle your time management.


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      I'm not the sort of fan who frantically runs from one e-ticket ride to the next. I like to take time to enjoy the small details and overlooked areas that ride-hounds usually skip. My favorite areas in DL is the Gallery, and chilin' at Refreshment Corner or in New Orleans Square. That said, I DO like the attractions. I understand Pooh is mind-blowing. Shows or special events make for good moments to get off your feet. I won't spend much time seeking out characters or shopping.
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        While TDS was closed when I was there here's my advice. The second you get into TDL run to Pooh and grab a fastpass. If the standby line is still less than 30 minutes, get in it. All day when I was there the standby line was 4+ hours.
        This way, hopefully you get two rides on Pooh with minimal wait.
        At 11:30ish AM. The line just to pick up a fastpass was 1 hour!!!

        And is it worth it? OH YEAH


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          33 reject... I need more specifics about what you want to know about TDR. There is so much info and tips I could provide...I could be here for 3 yrs typing away, so more specific requests would help.


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              Originally posted by 33 reject
              I'm only going to have one day to spend at the TDR, so I've picked the TDL over TDS.
              While I enjoyed the TDL park, I didn't like it nearly as much as the Magic Kingdom at WDW (which it is patterned on). If you are going to be there, why not do something new and unique like TDS? It is by far the better of the two parks and may be the best Disney park ever built.

              If I only had one day, that is what I'd do. There is another option. When I was there, they had an after 3pm park hopper ticket (it might have been later, I don't remember). So you could spend the day at Disney Sea and then go to Disneyland in the evening to ride Pooh and tour the rest of the park. Ask someone at the information booth what your options are. And no matter what you do, arrive at the parks before they open and use fastpass.

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                Originally posted by Dustysage
                If you are going to be there, why not do something new and unique like TDS? It is by far the better of the two parks and may be the best Disney park ever built.
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                  Going to TDR and skipping the grandeur that is TDS is sacrilegious. You must hit TDS, even if only for half a day.


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                    20K Leagues & Journey to the centre of the earth = Absolute Must Sea !
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                      ^^^You forgot Sindbad's ride. One of Imagineering biggest accompliments in the boat ride genre. Don't believe me? Check the Spring 2005 issue of Disney Magazine, page 50, as Sindbad's ride checks in as #2 in most wanted ride from TDR for our US parks.


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                        The highlights: The low points:
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                          Great review of your trip to TDL. I think you described Cinderellabration perfectly. This show is simple yet so elegant and Disneyfied, it makes my eyes water a bit at times. Simply gorgeous!

                          About the merchandise... The lack of TDR logos is a problem there. I can only guess it's because using the logo may be an infrindgement on Disney licensing fee or trademarks by OLC. However, they do pay Disney an incentive of their sales as far as I know. Also, most of the merchandise sold at TDR is geared towards the needs/likes/fads/and such of the japanese. You do have to admit though..that what they have is quite plentiful. I mean...over 100 different cookie/candy box designs and food variety?? A gazillion choices of cellstraps? Special event merchandise begging to be used for home decor? Etc etc etc... They do have quite a selection of these 'japanese-friendly' items.

                          As for TDR logos on T-shirts...there have been some instances where a TDL/TDS/ TDR logo has appeared on T-shirts there, and I have bought some of them just to collect them because they are rare. And...last but not least, their clothing items are japanese sizes...meaning their 'LL' (their biggest size available in shirts) is like a Medium/large for americans... If you are a skinny person, you are ok, but those of us a bit husky...well... we have a problem there.

                          Anyways... you DO have to go back and give TDS a try.


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                            Most items do have "Tokyo Disney Resort" or "Tokyo Disneyland" written somewhere albeit in small writing in the back or bottom of the merchandise.

                            I personally don't like mushrooms nor curry, but still find plenty of things to eat in the park.

                            And Mr. Jimmie Smith along with Mr. Yoshio Toyama in the lead is a great way to spend an afternoon at the park.

                            And yes, go to DisneySea next time.


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