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TDS 5th - Sea of Dreams WebCinema Short Plot Summeries and Explinations


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  • TDS 5th - Sea of Dreams WebCinema Short Plot Summeries and Explinations

    I posted this on another site, so I figure I might as well post it here. Mostly because I remember someone asking what is going on in another thread.

    Enjoy this Westerner's view/translation of several short films he will never fully understand!
    Okay, so I am doing this out of the fact that I've been watching the short films like a mad man every chance I get, but I know that there are some people out there that are turned off by international films that fail to include subtitles let alone an English plot synopsis.

    As such, I have produced this thread for everyone curious as to what this Westerner believes is going on in the plot. I also did a search on another fan site to see if the summeries were up somewhere only to find this thread there that features a translation of what is on the main site. It's amazing how close I got, to be honest, which is a testiment to the film makers for being able to evoke rather than tell.

    Each short will have it's own separate post, mostly to make things orginized, so site mods, please forgive me for doing this.

    Anyway, enjoy! And Joe, please feel free to use this on your site if you want.


    Official Story Summery

    Dream1 "The Strength of the Wind that Grazes the Hand"
    A young boy (Shouhei) comes with his father and mother to Tokyo DisneySea upon the wish of his younger sister, who has had a frail body since birth. Having felt a sense of alienation in his family since his sister?s birth, Shouhei feels all his wishes will come true now in the world abundant with Adventure and Magic, Tokyo DisneySea, and thus he separates from his family and ventures off on his own.

    ZeekSlider's Detailed Summery
    (Personal thoughts in parenthasies)
    Shouhei, Kumi, and the rest of their family arrive at Tokyo DisneySea via the Monorail system. As they pass the entrance to Tokyo Disneyland, Kumi is running around looking at everything out of every window. But Shouhei doesn't share the same excitement. (Judging from his flashback scene, he's not really fond of his sister.) It is clear that he is jelous of the amount of attention Kumi is getting from their parents given her condition. She is sick or can catch a virus pretty easily. (My own sister is like this, so I can relate to that frustration of seeing her constaintly sick.)

    When they finally depart from the monorail, Kumi and parents are excited to see Tokyo DisneySea for the first time. Shouhei is not impressed. (He mentions Kumi in his naration, so it's my impression that the reason they are there in the first place is becasue Kumi wanted to go.)

    The family begins to explore the park, pointing at various things that catch their eyes as they walk towards the harbor's fence. Shouhei has his eyes locked onto Kumi and his parents, who seem to not notice he has been several steps behind them this entire time. While visiting a merchendise stand at Mermaid Lagoon, Shouhei decides he has had enough and runs away!

    He then suddenly stops and is completely amazed by the wonders of Mysterious Island! (Apparently, he spends a good time wondering the area, because in the montage, you see him sipping on a soda cup.) Lost in his wonderment, Shouhei bumps into a pair of teenagers. The ask if he is okay and then starts looking around for his family in case he is lost. (Possibly) Not used to the attention, Shouhei runs away from the concern teenagers.

    After running away again, he slows down to a depressing walk. Entering Arabian Coast, he spots Jasmine and is immediately thrilled to see her greeting guests. But he quickly becomes sad again. (I get the impression he's starting to miss his family, as his adventure through DisneySea by himself is not as fun as it would be with his family.) Lowering his head out of sadness, he notices his shoe has become untied and sits down to tie it.

    Suddenly, a strange wind blows all around him transporting him in front of The Magic Lamp Theatre! The first thing he notices is that the park is completely empty! There is no line and no one else in the park but himself. With nothing stopping him, he decides to watch the show at The Magic Lamp Theatre. However, the show ends up putting him to sleep. (He mentions Kumi again in his narration. If I had to guess, Shouhei probably finally admits that he wishes Kumi and his family were watching the show with him.)

    When he opens his eyes again, Shouhei finds himself on stage. The Magician's Assistent from the show comes out carrying Genie's lamp and offers Shouhei a wish! Any wish he wants! His immediate want is to be back with his family and that he wish he never ran away, but as he is about to say it, he remembers Kumi's condition. In a loud voice, he wishes for Kumi to become better and healthy like everyone else. (What? It's the logical Disney thing to do in a plot like this! Shouhei is doing that "shelfish to selfless" character transformation.) The assistent calls forth Genie, and the lamp begins to rumble and shake. Another gust of wind blows past Shouhei, and then all goes black.

    Shouhei is then woken up by his father. He apparently fell asleep on the edge of a planter in Arabian Coast, and his father is trying to wake him up. When he realizes where he is, his father scolds him for running away. Obviously they have been worried about him, and his father tells him to not do that again. As they get up to leave, his father points out that Shouhei's show is untied. (Same shoe as earlier, FYI.) When Shouhei reaches down to fix it himself, his father inturrupts him and ties the laces for him. As he and his father walk to meet with the rest of the family, Shouhei starts to feel like he is part of the family.

    His worried mother spots the two of them and says pretty much the same thing to Shouhei, only more emotional. (I believe) Shouhei questions if she really was worried or not, and she sternly assures him that she was indeed worried. Shouhei then apologizes for running away, to which his mother lovingly accepts.

    Shouhei then turns his attention to Kumi (in a rather odd patting of the head). The two of them run off towards Arabian Coast, their parents chasing after them. As they reach the center of the area, Kumi says something about running into Genie while he was missing. (Chances are she made a wish to have her brother back and it came true.) After hearing this story, Shouhei notices The Magic Lamp Theatre again, and smiles knowing his wish probably came true as well.

    The short closes with them enjoying the double-decker Merry-Go-Round, which Shouhei riding on top of the many Genie "horses."


    Official Story Summery

    Dream2 "The Wonderful Celebration of the Nose-Bleed Day"
    The boyfriend-less, friend-less, 29-year-old office worker, Sachiko, one day gets one ticket to Tokyo DisneySea from a male coworker. She reluctantly invites a younger female coworker with whom she?s not even close with but who is a Disney fan to go with her and sets off for the park. The two don?t get along too well at first but...

    ZeekSlider's Detailed Summery
    (Personal thoughts in parenthasies)

    The story begins with Sachiko and her co-worker (I'm sure they say her name, but I can't make out what it is nor can I find it. It sounds like Miachan, but to play it safe, I'll just not name her in my summery.) providing a backstory as to how the two of them ended up going to DisneySea together.

    One day, while having lunch at work, a cute male worker stumbles down a flight of stairs and ends up causing a minor nose bleed. Sachiko offers her handkerchif to him. He insists he doesn't want to ruin it, but she insists he takes it. As the young man cleans up the blood and Sachiko continues having her lunch of untoasted white bread and Squeeze-Cheese, the two of them spot the most popular co-worker in the office boarding the elevator with her group of friends. (I bet they are talking about boys. Their body language and giggling kind of suggest that may be the subject of conversation.) After the young man asks Sachiko something, he realizes he overstayed his welcome and leaves thanking her for the handkerchif.

    The following day (week?), the young man returns the handkerchif to Sachiko. (It looks like he ironed it!) With the it is an envelope. Inside the envelope is a One-Day ticket to DisneySea for a specific date and time. The young man runs off (to get back to work?) as Sachiko is trying to make heads or tails out of what to do with her free pass. She then calls out to the young co-worker as she is comes out of the elevator, who politely looks at her asking "What is it?" with her eyes.

    Flash forward to when the story takes place. The young girl is excited to be at DisneySea, but Sachiko doesn't see what the big deal is. (I gather that it is her first time.) The young co-worker then begins to count on her fingers how long DisneySea has been around and explains that DisneySea is celebrating their 5th Anniversery. Sachiko seems surprised at this. Her "Day Date" then goes off on a spiel about special shows and events and shopping discounts (and God-knows-what-else) before baiting Sachiko to look for Mickey. Sachiko then follows her as the young woman screams for Mickey like a teenie bopper fan.

    The first ride on their list is The Tower of Terror. Sachiko doesn't look like she wants to go on it, but her guest is obviously very excited. Sachiko does not end up enjoying the ride (despite the footage of her screaming and clearly fighting back enjoying herself). The next ride is Raging Spirits. As they are lowering the safety harness, Sachkio looks like she will enjoy herself even less on this ride! As they exit, her friend asks if Sachiko would be intersted in going on the ride again. She refuses, but that doesn't detour her co-worker from seeking out other thrill rides for the two of them to go on.

    Sachiko becomes sad that she cannot enjoy herself as much as her co-worker can and decides to sit on a bench for a while just outside Mystic Rhythms. The two of them talk (possibly to tell Sachiko to just relax and stop being depressed), but is suddenly surprised to see their boss at DisneySea as well! Only he isn't with his wife. When asked who the woman is, their boss says it is none of their business (I think. I get that from the body language), but he would like to know what they are doing at DisneySea. He is surprised to find out that it's both their day off. (Or it could be something else. I get the impression that they were not suppose to be at DisneySea, but rather working in the office.) Not wanting her boss to spoil her day, the young co-worker takes her leave. Sachiko follows.

    The two of them break for a snack at a Mexican Resturant somewhere in Lost River Delta (Could someone please tell me what they are drinking? It looks like beer.) The two of them talk over a plate of nachos and get to know each other just a little better. As the moment continues, the two of them start to form a friendship that means a lot to the other girl. Sachiko, on the other hand, doesn't know what to make of this new discovery as of yet.

    When the two of them decide to freshen up in the bathroom, Sachiko pulls out her ticket and looks at it in wonder. (I believe she is contemplating just how special this ticket really is.) In the mirror, she notices something on the back of the ticket and quicky flips it over. It's the phone number of the young man that gave her the ticket! Sachiko becomes both shocked and confused as to what this means. (I get the impression that she realized that she may have made a mistake going to DisneySea with her co-worker rather than with the young man.)

    As the two walk the queue for Jounrey Into The Center Of The Earth, Sachiko relfexs what has happened to her over the course of the day. As they board their ride vehicle, her new friend lets her know how much she has appreciated inviting her to spend the day at DisneySea. (A sort of "Just us girls" kind of moment.) As they ride the ride, Sachiko finally smiles for the first time that day and is able to enjoy the moment for what it is.

    As the two of them wander Mediteranian Harbor, Sachiko relfex on all that she gains and completely transform her persona. (There is a clear indication that she is not the same lonely girl but one that has gained confidence in herself in the way she walks at the end of the short.) Her new friend has apparently had enough of the rides and wants to go shopping. Sachiko willingly joins in.


    Official Story Summery

    Dream3 "The Supporting Roles of the Future"
    In the midst of studying for college-entrance examinations, a group of five high-school friends come to DisneySea. Each of them holds light feelings of love, but do not acknowledge each other?s feelings. Although they all get excited by the thrills of the park?s rides, they naturally start to realize each others? feelings...

    ZeekSlider's Detailed Summery
    (Personal thoughts in parenthasies)

    (NOTE: This short was very difficult to follow. I had to watch it at least 10 times after my initial viewing just to understand the complicated relationship between the characters. To make matters worse for me, I couldn't make out any of their names!)

    The short opens up with the group of teenagers taking a picture at the Aquasphere. Each one of them is from a different high school cliq, but they all love DisneySea, which brings them together. (The members are pretty obvious for the most part, but the boy in blue with kakis is The Nerd, the tall in red is The Basketball Star, the girl in white is the school cutie, the girl in black is "The girl next door," and the main character this short focuses on is the shy cutie. Let's watch, as the drama unfolds!) However, even though they are great group of friends, the main character has developed a crush on The School Cutie. (Please, bare with me when I'm adressing the characters this way. Remember, I don't know their names nor was I able to hear them in the short.)

    While riding the boat away from American Waterfront, The Basketball Star is talking with The Girl Next Door about how great Mickey Mouse is. She asks him what he thinks about Donald, and he replies that Donald is great as well. However, the two of them are the more comfortably seated out of the group. Our Main Man is stuck in close quarters to his crush, which is making him very uncomfortable and nervous.

    The group then arrives at Port Discovery and immediately takes in the sights and sounds of Aquatopia. The School Cutie then tries to have a conversation with the main character, but this leaves him tounge tied. Then, out of nowhere, the Nerd tries to win her over by engaging in the conversation that she started. She looks at the Nerd with a glare of offence for inturrupting what was suppose to be a private conversation. They quickly ignore the offence as Cutie's eye lands on the Jock, who is talking up a storm with Girl Next Door. She lustfully says something under her breath that our main character hears. ("He can get any girl in the school if he wanted to." is my guess.) This leaves him dumbfounded and confused. The nerd takes advantage of this and tries to take his picture, only to snap our main character back into the moment. They play a game of "Cat and Mouse" as the nerd tries to trick him into getting his picture taken.

    The Jock and Girl Next Door ride Aquatopia (Dry or Wet course?) as the Cutie looks on smiling whenever she makes eye contact with her friends on the ride. Meanwhile, our main guy is lustfully looking at her from a distance. With Ninja-like skills, the Nerd pops up from behind him and mocks him in a deep voice knowing that he has a crush on her. Apparently, it is very obvious to him, and the nerd wonders why our main guy can't just come out and say it to her. At this point, the nerd ends up opening up to the main character hinting towards the end of his long speach that he has a crush on the same girl as our main man. After realizing this, our main character begins to feel a bit bad for him, but the Nerd doesn't care. Why? Because he's going to join the armed forces! Our main character finds this funny, and possibly not realistic given the Nerd's goofy personality. ("You can't shoot a gun so much as you can shoot a camera." is what I hope he says given the next bit of comedy between the two of them.)

    After riding StormRider, the Nerd is able to make the Cutie laugh at his natural goofy self. (I don't know what kind of significance this has on the plot, but it seems important for the Nerd's story, as it shows that he is liked by the girl he has a crush on.)

    Making their way to Mysterious Island, the group plays a game of Rock Paper Scissors (forgot what it's called in Japanese), and our main guy ends up losing the game. The Jock then hints towards the fact that loser has to do something with the school cutie. (I really wish I knew the stakes of the game to get a better understanding. It is probably to get the group drinks given the images in the montage sequence) This puts our main character in an awkard position knowing how The Nerd feels about her. The Jock eggs him on, and he decides to go for it.

    As they walk along one of the bridges, the two of them bump into a young boy (Shouhei from the first short). They ask if he is okay and then starts looking for his family. The boy says that he is fine and then runs off. The cutie then comments about how sweet our main guy just acted towards the little boy. This causes him to become very embarassed as he thinks he finally won some points in impressing his crush. (He apparently thanks Shouhei in his narration, which leads me to this conculsion.)

    As the group watches Mythica, our main guy is once again lustfullying eying his crush unaware that the Girl Next Door is eying him.

    While exploring the ship at Fort Exploration (That is where they are, right?), the Nerd tries once again to swoon the Cutie only to get shot down again. Our main guy, however, is on cloud nine and can't seem to get off it. He recounts this good feeling to the Jock, who is visibly upset over how well he is hitting it off with the girls. Apparently, being the star Basketball player isn't what it seems to be. (And apprently I still don't understand what may be going on here.) The Jock then opens up to our main character as well, who is starting to grow frustrated that someone is bringing him down from his happy feeling. The Cutie, however, overhears this conversation and shily asks if he could teach her how to play basketball with an inivisible basketball. It becomes clear to our main character that he's been shot down, since the Cutie was able to confront her crush and hit it off rather well. Defeated, he leaves the ship to explore on his own passing the Nerd who is running back up the ship screaming (something) about FastPasses.

    Inside Fort Exporation, he discovers The Girl Next Door cranking away at one of the stations in the planetarium. She sees him and immediately stops out of embarassment. He grabs a handle at a nearby station and beings to turn it. She then starts back up again, and the two turn in sync with each otehr making the models of the planets above them move in their orbits.

    Shortly after, the two of them head out to the cannons that overlook Mediterranian Harbor. Here, the Girl Next Door opens up to our main guy saying that Minnie Mouse is her favorite character for various reason. Over the course of the conversation, our main guy gets nervous around her and after an awkward silence, he admits to her that Minnie Mouse is his favorite character as well. She finds this both funny and cute at the same time. (Who wouldn't?) The moment is inturrupted by the Nerd who announces that BraviSEAmo! is about to start and they better go get their spots before someone else does. (Kind of bright for that, don't you think?)

    As they leave, our main character starts to trail behind reflecting on just how close a group of friends they really are. Each of them knows the other better than they did before they entered the park, and this leaves him feeling better than when he thought he caught the Cutie's interest. And that is probably the best thing he will ever get in his young life. (I get the impression that this short is more than just pety high school crushes and drama but about maturing and realizing that there is more to life than trying to impress the girl. But that's just me.)


    Official Story Summery

    Dream4 "Just Like Chip and Dale"
    After five years of marriage, though she loves her earnest and serious husband, the wife, Mikako, feels as if there is something missing. Today, having been elected from his company to stay at Tokyo DisneySea?s Hotel Miracosta, the two are on a day out, which hasn?t happened in a while, at Tokyo DisneySea. But, for some strange reason, the two find themselves at odds. In the mix of all this, the husband confesses to Mikako what he says to be the first lie he has ever told since their marriage.

    ZeekSlider's Detailed Summery
    (Personal thoughts in parenthasies)

    (Note: My favorite out of the five as it is the first to deal with a very adult subject. Something you won't see Domestic Disney do under the Disney name. At least not in the relm of realism.)

    Mikako and her husband check into the Hotel Miracosta. Immediately after coming into the door, Mikako asks why her husband didn't let the bellhop take the bag. He expresses distrust with the efficiency of the hotel service (at least in his body language and tone of voice) since he is clearly a man that knows how to run a business efficently. Mikako thinks nothing of it as she admires the room. Mikako's husband lets in some light into the room only to be stunned by the view. Mikako joins him at the window balcony to admire the beauty of Mythica as it is being preformed just outside their window! (I'd kill to have this room. It's got the best view, hands down!)
    However, in order to keep on schedule, they can't enjoy the show for long. Mikako says that DisneySea doesn't have to run on a schedule, but apparently that doesn't hit home to her husband.

    They leave their room and walk down the hall reciting their schedule for the day. The first thing they want to hit the gondala boats. After that, it is a meal over at the Cape Cod Cookoff so they can watch Donald's Boat Builders. They then want to go on Raging Spirits, but knowing that the wait will be too long, Mikako has wrote in his book to get FastPasses. Her husband doesn't know what those are, so she explains to him the process and ensures him that using those will keep them on schedule. ("That so?" is his response to my ear.) If all goes according to schedule, they will have some time to get in some light shopping before BraviSEAmo! and calling it a day. Mikako compliments on a sound, but strict, schedule for the day, and her husband thanks her for the compliment. Knowing that she won't be able to enjoy herself as much as she would like, Mikako immediately gets upset. (Incidently, this is exactly how my family works when we go on vacations. Schedules of where to go and at what time with little to no flexibility. I can relate to Mikako's situation and frustration at this point in the short fairly immediately.) On their way out of the hotel, the two spot a pair of newly weds. Mikako admires them outloud much to her husband's surprise. When asked what she said, she doesn't repeat herself. She knows something is missing from her marriage, and she thinks she has seen it walking by with the newly weds.

    Once inside the park, Mikako faithfully follows her husband around. While on the gondala boat, her husband becomes upset as to how long the ride is thinking they will not be on schedule. Mikako sees this and immediately is thrown back to being upset after taking in the wonderful sites of the Mediterranian Harbor at water level. She politely lies to her husband when he asks if she is enjoying herself.

    Afterwards, the two make a speedy walk to the Cape Cod Cookoff resturant. Mikako's husband checks his watch and is excited to be on time for the next show. It becomes even more apparent during their meal that something is wrong with their marriage, as they don't seem to be enjoying themselves. (It's a brillent image sequence! You just have to see it!) While watching Chip & Dale take over Donald's boat, her husband confronts her about their trouble marriage. (I can't make out what they are saying, so I'll leave it out even though I know it is important to the content of the story's overall plot evolution.) He ends up yelling at her twice, nearly leaping over the table into Mikako's face! He immediately catches himself and apologizes to a table of girls nearby for his rude behavior in public. The conflict ends with Mikako yelling at her husband, who immediately apologizes (in the culturally respectful way,I might add) to her. She doesn't forgive him (or it would appear).

    After the show, Mikako's husband leaves to get them FastPasses for Raging Spirits. Mikako explains that he will need her ticket as well or else the system won't work. She hands him her ticket from her Chip & Dale wallet in a frustrated manner. He leaves saying that he'll be right back over and over again.

    No sooner than after he left, a young pregnent lady asks if she could sit at the table Mikako is at. Mikako welcomes the lady to her table, but quickly feels uncomfortable around her because of her sudden appearance. The lady then asks if she is enjoying the park by herself, and Mikako explains that she is with her husband. Facinated by this, the pregnent lady thinks that there must be a lot of love between the two of them. She then remembers her manners and introduces herself as Bonnie La Imas. (She's apparently the token Westerner, but you wouldn't know that given how fluient she is.) As she stands up and extends her hand in a greeting, Mikako gets a good look at just how far along Bonnie is in her pregnancy.

    Later, on the other side of the park, Mikako's husband runs across an elderly lady who apparently twisted her ankle while walking across a wooden bridge. (This will become important later.)

    Meanwhile, Bonnie and Mikako talk about other character shows in DisneySea. Bonnie recounts to her how much she enjoyed Big Band Beat, espeically the dancing! Dancing is (I assume) something she has always loved, and would like to do again. The two continue talking as they approach The Lighthouse overlooking the American Waterfront. As they continue to talk, Mikako slowly finds out that Bonnie can enjoy life in a way that she has never seen before. Nothing is bothering her because she knows what is most important to her. This stuns Mikako, and she quickly begins to question what is most important to herself. Her toughts are inturrupted by her husband calling for her.

    He was wondering where she ran off to, and as she begins to apologize, he begins to tell her something very important. He admits to her that he hasn't been as faithful to her as she has been to him. (GASP!! Disney approved this?!) Over the course of the confession, he explains how he met someone just now that made him realize just how important she really is to him and what he should be doing for her. (I honestly didn't get this the first several times. It took me reading the official summery to understand this scene.) He then respectfully apologizes to Mikako knowing that he ruined more than just their first vacation in a long time but possibly their marriage. Mikako laughs at his apology and thinks he is being silly again, but in a cute way. Back to the way she was at the begining of our story, she immediately forgives her husband because she loves him and appreciates his honesty. It is then when she realizes what the most important thing to her is, and wants to share this with Bonnie.

    But when she turns to talk to Bonnie, she has disappeared! A confused Mikako begins to scan the immediate area for Bonnie while her husband wonders what/if anything is wrong. (The moment is suppose to be one of those "Fairy Godmother" kind of moments.)

    As they stroll along pass Aquatopia, Mikako reflects how much the two of them have become like Chip & Dale. One may be silly and the other sensible, but both cannot be themselves without the other around them. Not only do they complete each other, they help each other.

    When her husband asks what Mikako would like to do next, she suggests to look at the schedule. As he pulls it out, he realizes and is shocked to learn that they are behind, having missed their FastPass Window for Raging Spirits. Mikako then gives her husband a choice as to what to do next: either follow the rest of the schedule or just relax and enjoy their vacation. With a heavy sigh, he rips the page out of his planner. Pleased with this decision, Mikako holds his hand and the two walk happily down their way.

    On their way, they bump into a young boy and girl running to their next ride being chased by their parents (Shouhei, Kumi, and their parents, to be exact). Mikako then shares a secret of her own with her husband: She wants to have kids.


    Official Story Summery

    Dream5 "An Age That Requires an Education of Aesthetic Sentiments" (?)
    Her husband has all of a sudden joined the Senior Youth Oversees Collaboration Group (?) and left for South America. The wife, Misaki, dumbfounded by her husband, declares that though she had been living for only her family and her work so far, she will now live for the world. Realizing her anger towards husband for saying that he will now an unordinary life, Misaki goes on a wastefully extravagant shopping trip and leaves for Tokyo DisneySea, which she always wanted to go to.

    ZeekSlider's Detailed Summery
    (Personal thoughts in parenthasies)

    Visibly angry and dressed in mournful black from head to two, Misaki recounts why she is visiting DisneySea in the first place.

    Misaki is the well-to-do wife of a Japanese businessman. (You can tell she is well off because she has a freaking lawn!) One day when watering the plants, her husband comes home looking as if he went through hell and back. He announces to her that he will be going away on a trip to Paraguay from June to November. This upsets her very much. (I suspect his time away falls on an important date for the two of them, or that this is the millionth time he's left on a business trip that happens to be that long.) She becomes so angry with him, that she contemplates leaving him! (GASP!!) But that wouldn't be proper. Instead, she drowns her troubles by visiting Tokyo DisneySea, a place she always wanted to go.

    She is obviously not interested in any of the rides or attractions in the park so much as she just wants to take in the beautiful scenery. While trying to enjoy the sights of the American Waterfront from the back of the Cape Cod Tour Car, her umbrella falls out. A passing guest sees this and picks up the umbrella chasing after the car. At a pick-up stop, Misaki hears a voice calling in her direction. She turns around to see a pregnent lady (Bonnie from the previous short) running after her waving the dropped umbrella. Frighten by this (and who whouldn't?), she tells the woman to not run like that or she may injure the baby. The lady assures her that the baby is just dancing, which is causing her to jog. Misaki thanks her for retreving her umbrella as the pregnetlady runs off again.

    After wandering around for a while, Misaki finds herself lost in the park in Mermaid Lagoon. As she tries to get her barings, she hears a tiny voice and a tug on her dress. She turns around sternly to see a little girl looking back up at her (Kumi from the first short). The girl asks why she has an umbrella out when it is not raining, and Misaki claims that the sun is too hot for her. (She's bitter towards having to talk to Kumi. I think Kumi asks her if she is here all by herself, and Misaki lies saying that she is just looking for her husband somewhere in the park. Not sure, however.) The little girl then offer her map to Misaki how is clearly lost. At first Misaki doesn't want to take it, but the little girl says that it is okay. She accepts the gift and thanks her for the chairity. Looking around the immediate area, she asks where her family is. The little girl answers that she doesn't know, because her brother ran away. At this point, Kumi's name is called out by her mother. Kumi wonders if they found her brother yet, but apparently they haven't. Kumi's mother then apologizes if her daughter was a bother to Misaki. (She also says something else, but the body language and tone is difficult to make out what the subject may be about. Given the official summery, I think it may have something to do about living for Kumi and taking care of her.) Kumi then says that she better help her mom find her lost brother. She says good bye to Misaki and runs off. Her mother chases after her. As the two run off, Misaki slowly becomes affected by this second act of kindness she's recieved on her visit.

    While on her way towards Lost River Delta, she ends up hurting her foot. (That's what happens when you walk the entire length of a theme park in high heel shoes.) While tending to her injury, a man in a business suit notices her in pain (Mikako's husband). He asks if Misaki is alright, and she assures him that she'll be find. He then asks where she is headed, and she points out that she is headed towards Mystic Rhythms. (The scene ends with an very uncomfortable moment with Mikako's husband smiling flirtatously at Misaki.) In another act of kindness, the man decides to carry her to the attraction! (Misaki's narration tone implies that she is probably remembering her husband and how they first met or something similar to what is going on.) On their way, they end up running into the businessman's employees who are, unknown to him, out on their days off enjoying the park. (Guess who? Sachiko and her new friend!) Misaki asks how the man knows the girls, and he explains that they are employees of his. He then points out that they have arrived at her destination and is off to his, but Misaki stops him. In a very stern tone, she explains how she needs someone to be with her at all times. Someone to protect her and look out for her like he just did. The man takes this as her coming on to him (in an equally awkward reply that has to be seen to be believed), but Misaki assures him that she is just wanting the company. (I want to say that she meantions that she is married, but I'm not sure if that is even said.) Realizing what she really meant, he thanks Misaki (for some reason) and leaves (to get his FastPasses for Raging Spirits).

    With a smile on her face, clearly appreciative of all the kindness she has been given, Misaki makes her way back to American Waterfront to treat herself to some ice cream! While she is admiring the S.S. Columbia, the pregnent lady comes out of nowhere and surprises her with a "Hello!" The two end up introducing each other over ice cream. (This is where it gets odd, at least for me. I believe she introduces herself as GOW, but Misaki is heard calling her Bonnie. For the sake of contingancy, I'll be calling her Bonnie.) Bonnie also introduces her unborn baby to Misaki and then asks if Joesph is a good name for it. Misaki agrees that it is a good name for the baby, and Bonnie settles on it. Misaki then gives Bonnie a light scarf/sash to keep her and the baby just a little bit warmer. Bonnie accepts the gift with a happy smile the likes of a child.

    After their ice cream treat, the two of them explore the upper deck of the S.S. Columbia. (Can you do that? Really? I mean, there was nobody else on the deck but those two.) The two of them start a conversation about what would make them happy in life, and Misaki ends up learning that what gives her great joy is chairity. So, in return, she decides to perform a chariatble act herself! She offers to be the Godmother of Bonnie's child. (My impressions, at least. What else could she have said that would have made Bonnie hug her and nearly cry with thanks?) Overwhelmed with joy, Bonnie returns the favor by showing her the best show in Tokyo DisneySea.

    The sun lowers over Tokyo DisneySea and the crowd gathers at the Harbor as they await for BraviSEAmo! to start. As the show goes on, Misaki is stunned by how beautiful the show is. We then find out that her husband's name is also Joesph (or the Japanese equivalent) as Misaki wishes he was here to see this beauty. She then catches herself thinking outloud and realizes taht "Joesph" is right here already. Bonnie asks if she was talking about another special darling, but she doesn't answer and turns her attention back to the show.

    In the end, Misaki learns the most important lesson out of all the shorts films. The people in our lives are important to us in a way we do not understand immediately. They teach us things indirectly when we interact with them, and as such we end up bettering ourselves in some small way that has a very big impact. It may not be as life changing as her own change, but it is a change nonetheless.

    (To add to this tear jerker moment, we see clips of all of the other casts from the other shorts enjoying BraviSEAmo! Knowing how they changed over the course of their own stories juxtaposing with the story of Misaki, it makes everything that happened to her and to everyone else, including the viewer, a magical experiance that transends what Tokyo DisneySea has to offer as far as rides and attractions and shows.)
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    Re: TDS 5th - Sea of Dreams WebCinema Short Plot Summeries and Explinations

    Thanks for the insights. I'm watching the videos again, myself.


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      Re: TDS 5th - Sea of Dreams WebCinema Short Plot Summeries and Explinations

      I love these videos because they show how Tokyo DisneySea is more than just a theme park; it's an experience beyond compare!
      ~ Tokyo DisneySea’s Arabian Coast at nighttime ~


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        Re: TDS 5th - Sea of Dreams WebCinema Short Plot Summeries and Explinations

        The funny thing is, Domestic Disney used to market that same way way back in the early 90s, I believe. I mean, remember the commercial about the baby learning how to walk or else they can't visit Disneyland? And then the baby learns how to walk when s/he sees Mickey? Tear jerker and a magical moment that both advertised the park and showed that it was about an experiance rather than coming to see shows and ride rides!

        Wonder whatever happened to that marketing campaign. I think it died with either the "I caught Tinkerbell" commerical or the "Can't sleep; Too excited" commerical.
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          Re: TDS 5th - Sea of Dreams WebCinema Short Plot Summeries and Explinations

          Someone just corrected me about an important plot point in the 4th and 5th short:

          The only big thing I think was hard to understand was the confession that Misaki's husband told her, which is even silier than you saw it to be. In the beginning, when they were on the veranda, he talked of how they were lucky to get free tickets to stay at Hotel Miracosta from the company he works for and she tells him that it was too bad they didn't give him free tickets to DisneySea too (they had to buy those themselves). That's what makes him so anxious. What he confesses to her in the end and feels awful about is that he actually did get tickets to DisneySea from the company, but he gave them to a younger co-worker (Sakita, the guy who gave Sachiko her ticket) who was wondering what to do about a women he likes (Sachiko), telling him to invite her to a day at DisneySea. The reason why he seemed so upset when he talked to Sachiko and her friend was because he expected Sachiko to be there with the male co-worker.

          Also, just an interesting note, the pregnant lady's name is actually Vanilla. (she introduced herself in bad Japanese saying, "Watashi Vanilla ii masu!" The correct way would be, "Watashi Vanilla to ii masu!") The actress playing Vanilla is a woman who goes by the name of GOW.
          These changes makes husband seem sweeter than I originally painted him as. But I still feel very odd about the scene involving him making an advance towards Misaki outside of Mystic Rhythms.
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            Re: TDS 5th - Sea of Dreams WebCinema Short Plot Summeries and Explinations

            It's been a month, but I think I should announce this here since I know a few people would be interested in this kind of thing.

            For the past few weeks now, I've been fortuante enough to find a program that let me capture in real time (i.e. while playing) the Sea of Dreams shorts. About three weeks ago, I was e-mailed the litteral translation of most of the audiable script as a gift for being so close to the actual plot without understanding the language.

            Since then, I've been westernizing parts of the script and have completed three out of the five shorts as Fan Subs. Those of you that know where my YouTube homepage is may want to keep an eye on it. Just saying.
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