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Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?


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  • Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

    I'm looking into buying a camera to take away with for my next trip to Tokyo Disney Resort and I was wondering what requirements I would need to take the ideal pics.Also I've heard that Tokyo Disney Resort will develope your pics from a digital camera.Has anyone tried this before!

    Anyone who would like to could follow the link below and pick a camera out for me here

    Last year I borrowed a camera of my parents and it took abysmal shots and I didn't bother posting any of the pics but this time I would like to share my pics with you but I need a good camera.

    Any advice?
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    Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

    Depends on what you want in a camera and how much you want to spend.

    My favorite point and shoot is the SD700 or SD800 from Canon. They are essentially the same camera except the 700 is 6 mega pixels and the 800 is 7 mega pixels. I went with the 700 because it was cheaper and mega pixels aren't everything.


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      Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

      Malin, maybe you should rent the services of that japanese guy Joe and I met the other day... or better yet. Ask your DeepDisney buddies to do the photo-taking for you.


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        Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

        Sounds like you might waht a good "point and shoot", and as small as possible.

        I agree with SpokkerJones on the Canon cameras. I also agree that you do not need more mega pixles. The 7MP is plenty (SD700) I have the Canon SD600 (a 6 MP camera) and I really like it.

        There are other good Point and shot cameras available from other manufacturers as well.

        I have a friend who has a Kodak Easy Share and he likes it.

        There are also good cameras by Panasonic, FujiFilm, and Sony.

        For good reviews on lots of cameras see:


        I usually check out both sites when looking for a new camera.

        I hope this helps


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          Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

          The first and most important question is - what is your price range? I realize that was already asked, but I have not seen a response yet.


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            Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

            Thanks for the info so far guys.I'm not too concerned about price range but don't want to pay a small fortune either for something that I can take quality shots with for half the price if you know what I mean.Also I really want something that can take good pics in the dark.
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              Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

              If you want something that can take good shots in the dark, then you will want a digital SLR. With a digital SLR you can change lenses depending on what subjects you are trying to take pictures of. A good lens for night shooting will have a larger aperture. For example, a 1:3.4-4.5G ED lens has a larger opening than a 1:4.5-5.6G ED Lens. That means the first lens lets in more light than the second. Nikon also makes a 17-55 f/2.8 lens as well. That means that the maximum aperture is 2.8 regardless of the focal length, wheras in the other two lenses, if you are at full zoom, the maximum aperture is 4.5 or 5.6. In simpler terms, with the first two lenses you would need a slower shutter speed in order to take good pictures in the dark. Slower shutter speeds can equal blurry pictures. With the latter lens you could use a faster shutter speed, which could prevent blur, yet still capture the detail you want in low light.

              My recommendation is the new Nikon D40x. It has all the simplicity of a digital point and shoot, but many of the features found in much more expensive digital SLR's.

              Here is more detailed info.

              I know the price for the D40x on the website you listed is about 500 Pounds Sterling. In American Dollars that equates to almost $1000. At the website listed above the price is only $750 or so. I am not sure what shipping and import fees are, but it might be cheaper there.

              Yes, there are also other brands of cameras, but my personal preference is Nikon. The debate between Nikon vs. other brands could go on forever (and does). The point is I don't think you can go wrong when you get to the price range I am talking about.


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                Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

                Have you considered purchasing the camera in Japan? You could buy a camera from last season extremely cheap. My laptop was half the price by waiting three months for the new models to come out and it is the same with cameras. The only thing is that it wouldn't be the absolute latest model and color but you seem more interested in the quality.
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                  Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

                  I have been asked if I can recommend any good websites for new SLR users. Unfortunately, I haven't really used any in the past. I did a quick Google search of "digital slr info" and found many results.

                  Unfortunately, I don't know any of them well enough to make a recommendation.


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                    Re: Ideal camera to buy for up coming trip?

                    For a superb point and shoot I would suggest the Canon Powershot 710 IS

                    Very nice camera and reasonably priced
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