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TDL 50th Merchandise

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  • TDL 50th Merchandise

    does TDL have their own set of Golden Ears???

    If so I want a pair, I'm willing to pay for it.

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    There is no merchandise related to the US parks at TDR anywhere. Their merchandise it totally different than anything found at DL or WDW. While they do the Mickey hats and such...most of their merchandise centers around the japanese gift -giving habits referred to as "omiyage". NotAffraid just went there and could offer her opinion on merchandise. Most of the merchandise at TDR is actually unique and varied. Lots of gadget merchandise, like cellphone assesories, food items, collector souvenirs, lots of characters stuff (plushes T-Shirts). Oddly, it's very difficult to find a simple tee that would just read "TDL" or "TDS" on it. But that's just the tip of the iceberg in their extremely varied merchandise selection throughout the resort. Lots of attraction-specific, special event-specific or character-specific stuff can be found. Very few pins and NO Pin Trading there either, thank God!!

    But if by chance (doubtful) I see them starting to sell golden ears...I'll let you know here. However, the only reference about DL's 50th at the park right now, is a simple sign found at their "Partners" statue at World Bazaar in TDL.


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      Thank you for the info.


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        lol, TDLFAN.....when I went i had to hunt FOREVER to find a shirt that said Tokyo Disneyland. I had to settle with a Pooh short that said the words underneath, and of course, "Large" was the largest they had. At 6'1 180 lbs it's a little too small!!

        I did get a pair of ears that said TDL on them (Non golden, of course)


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          You have to understand.. in Japan: adult SM size is a child's size for us in the USA...
          Medium is a very small; Large is a big small for us, and LL is medium USA. Got that??


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            Nope. No 50th merch to be found. I did find both TDL and TDS shirts.

            My TDL is a Westernland shirt with a picture of D, G & M riding BTMRR, the back has writing and a background pic of a western desert scene. It says Tokyo Disneyland on the left sleeve. There were similar shirts for each land available.

            The TDS shirt is from Mysterious Island and has Mickey on the front constructed out of gears and submarine body metal. The back has copy written over a scene of the island and submarine as viewed out of porthole. It does NOT say TDS on the sleeve.

            Both shirts are a Men's M and would not fit a Medium American man. Chris couldn't even buy shirts in Japan. He's a XL.

            I did buy a Woman's Large shirt that will never fit me, but I had to have it. It's the artwork from Silly Symphonies "Three Little Pigs". I will probably cuy out the artwork and sew it onto a jean jacket or something. Or, become anorexic since I'd have to weigh about 120 (at 5'10") to wear it.

            My Disney watch I got at TDL does not say Tokyo on it anywhere, but of the two Chris got both are identified as TDS/TDL on the back. One has a black face with a bronze drawing of the Nautiles and text that reads 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. The other has a blue face with Mickey outline - each ear tells time in different time zones and the head is a globe with latitude/longitude lines.

            Neither place is Souvenir Heaven - but I was able to get quite a bit of hard-to-find Piggy/Wolf stuff.


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              ..and in regards to that T-shirt line you mentioned about... It's all part of the summer lineup. These are items that get released once and once they are sold out..THAT's it! So don't expect to find these shirts at TDR next time you visit towards the end of summer.
              Also..NotAffraid echoed what I have been saying all along... The amount of merchandise at TDR is extensive and very very varied, but somehow, there is nothing much that is interesting to the western traveler. Maybe we have been conditioned to load up on Disney stuff that is simple but cute. Most stuff at TDR is geared towards their needs, or toys, or mindless cutesy items, jewelry, and stuff that can be used in daily lives..from kitchen items to cellphone holders.. etc.