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  • getting there from the rest of Asia

    Hi guys,

    I'm planning two different trips to Asia, neither of which is for sure--one to Taiwan this summer and one to HK this fall (I will do hopefull one or the other but probably not both). What I want to know is how hard it is to get to TDR from either of these places. I mean, airfare looks pretty wicked steep, but I'm not sure if there are any inter-island ferries or anything like that which will make things a little less daunting and/or expensive.

    I guess I'm just out for advice on getting around Asia, and specifically getting to Tokyo, for an American student who has enough cash to live but not all that much more. Any thoughts? :confused:

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    United and Northwest are probably your best bets for carriers out of Hong Kong. I'm flying round trip from Shanghai to Tokyo for $440 next week on NW. I looked into the ferry thing and it was around $200 USD (if I remember correctly) and it was like a 12hr ride from Shanghai, which is much closer than HK. One would then have to take a train or plane across Japan to Tokyo, so I nixed that plan.

    You can always visit the construction site for HKD... And while you're in Hong Kong, find the mountain with the wild monkeys. It's crazy! Make sure you have all your shots first.
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      Inter-island ferries from HK/Taiwan to Japan --possible, but quite expensive and not recommened unless you have 2-4 nights to spare. You may have heard of budget airlines starting up in China/Hong Kong/Taipei, but none to Japan that I am aware of, but that may change in the next few years. Check with a travel agency, if you need one I can refer you to the one I am using for my upcoming trip in March. I'm flying on Japan Airlines from SFO to HKG via NRT and then NRT stopover, then back home to SFO. My fare came to $714 this includes $97 in taxes, fuel surcharge, and departure fees. United was the cheapest @ $650 including taxes, but the service on Japan Airlines (JAL) is wayyyyyy better than United IMHO which is why I am loyal Japan Airlines. Also JAL has aircrafts themed to Disney, which I hope I will be on one again.


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        I would suggest you fly either Northwest or United from LAX to Tokyo's Narita Airport, then connect to other asian points from there. I don't know if you realize it's a 4hr flight from Tokyo to HK and Taipei, and 3 hrs away to Shanghai and Beijing. Not necesarily close distances to rely on ferry boats. Cruise ships maybe, if they are avail, and I just don't know that.

        Flyingmay be stiff but you can find some cheaper deals if you shop around on the net and book early, or if you are willing to travel at this time of the year before summer and spring break time.


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