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HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo


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  • HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo

    Hi new friends,

    Like most people on these boards, I am a master planner when it comes to vacationing and especially Disney. I have spent a week at WDW, both as a child and as a parent, probably 20 times. So, we arrive with plan in place. My kids even understand that we have to rush around first and look leisurely later. Haha.

    Anyway, as we now live in Asia, we are headed to Tokyo Disney for the first time first week of October. It feels strange to be completely unprepared. Has anyone made a list of tips, hints, etc? I don't have many specific questions, but may have more after I research your board.

    We'll be in the parks probably 4-5 days with kids 6 & 8 and myself 7 months pregnant. Thanks in advance.


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    Re: HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo

    There's a number of trip reports here:

    Feel free to ask any specific questions. Good luck.

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      Re: HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo

      Hi Jennifer!

      We went to TDR back in February, and being a WDW and Disneyland pro, I felt totally unprepared for Tokyo. But guess what? Even without much of a plan, we still had a great time!

      You are way ahead of me even researching this board.

      Good luck!


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        Re: HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo

        If you are a veteran at the other parks.. TDL will be a piece of cake. TDS however,may be a bit more difficult to navigate since it is unique.


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          Re: HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo

          I went to TDS a few days ago. This was the schedule I made for that trip.

          Firstly, my girlfriend(GF) and I decided what we didn`t want to see/ride. Raging spirits and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea were closed and we decided not to see Over the Waves, Meet and Smile and The Legend of Mythica this time.

          9 - 9:15am *Got FP for ToT and reserved a table at the Sailing Day Buffet.
          *My GF and I met at the entrance of JttCotE.

          9:15 - 9:30 *Went on JttCotE

          9:30 - 10:15 *Met Ariel, watched the Mermaid Lagoon Theatre and
          walked around Mermaid Lagoon.

          10:15 - 11 *Grabbed a JttCotE FP and walked over to ToT and used FP.

          11 - 11:55 *Took the DisneySea Electric Railway to Port Discovery and
          had lunch at the Horizon Bay restaurant (met Mickey, Minnie
          and Pluto).

          11:55 - 12:45 *Watched Mystic Rhythms (show started at 12:15)

          12:45 - 1:30 *Went on JttCotE (used FP) and walked over to American
          Waterfront to get ToT FP and do a bit of window shopping
          (took a picture with cruella de vil)

          1:30 - 2:15 *Watched Big Band Beat (show started at 1:45)

          2:15 - 6 *Took one of the Big City Vehicles to Cape Cod, took a photo
          with Duffy, did a bit of window shopping and checked out
          the lighthouse.
          *Walked over to Port Discovery and went on Storm Rider.
          *Grabbed a FP for the Indiana Jones ride and enjoyed Sinbad`s Storybook Voyage two times, went on Caravan
          Carousel and got FP for the Magic Lamp Theater.
          *Used FP for Indiana Jones ride and Magic Lamp Theater

          6 - 7:30 *Had dinner at the Sailing Day Buffet

          7:30 - 8 *Bought some stuff at the shops in Mediterranean Harbor

          8 - 8:25 *Watched BraviSEAmo!

          8:25 - 8:35 *Did some more shopping

          8:35 - 8:40 *Watched fireworks

          8:40 - 10 *Used ToT FP and enjoyed riding the Venetian Gondolas


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            Re: HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo

            Thanks everyone. I'm taking notes. Jennifer


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              Re: HELP?WDW pro, First timer at Tokyo

              If you are a WDW expert, you'll have no trouble in Tokyo. Just look at a couple things here:


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