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TDR 2009 trip Questions !


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  • TDR 2009 trip Questions !


    i know that some of you goes to TDR a lot and i'd like to know what is the best season to go ?

    i know that Halloween and Xmas are neat at TDR but then May seems like empty or at least not crowded .

    I'am planning on staying in a Hostel inside Tokyo for $20 a night and then Use their Suburb Train every single day . I'n use to it in Paris with the RER and Metro .

    American Parks aren't linked by a train or subway or may be Disneyland i think .

    otherwise all advices will be welcome .
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    Re: TDR 2009 trip Questions !

    Hi DLRP_bopazot

    Personally I recomend Halloween, while its an event that usually brings in the crowds, its also a fun time to be at the park. Both the Parade and Night Show this year were a lot of fun.

    If you wish to visit at a non peak time Febuary - March is said to be quiet. Choosing 2009 is a good choice as the 25th Anniversary will be finished and all the new offerings will still likely be in place like Tresures on Parade. Also the new E Ticket Monsters Inc will finally be opened. And after reading the preview about it in LaughingPlace Magazine this should be something else. I'm personally very excited about this one attraction more than anything else.

    Don't blame you one bit for wanting to stay outside the Resort, you will save a small fortune. And besides we're not all rich enough to be able to book special rooms with nice views every year at the MiraCosta.
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      Re: TDR 2009 trip Questions !

      Why bopazot... you could have asked me that question everytime we got together at DLP or WDW. But I have to agree with Malin that Halloween and Xmas are the best time ty go to TDR... albeit, it will be crowded. But it's so much fun at TDR in the fall.


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