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how do you think I should divide our four days?


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  • how do you think I should divide our four days?

    Thanks to all your wonderful help with what to see and where to eat I now need to make a rough plan of which park we are likely to be at on which days.

    So we will be at TDR for a total of four days arriving from Tokyo the morning of Monday the 3rd of Dec and leaving very early Friday the 7th of Dec.

    How would the experts advise we split our days given the time of the year, days of the week we will be attending, likely crowds etc?
    For example would it be quieter in disneyland on Tuesday and Wednesday or is it going to be packed all week?

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

    I would visit Tokyo Disneyland on Monday or Wednesday, while leaving Tokyo DisneySea for Tuesday or Thursday. You will have park hopping on the last 2 days so you are free to visit both parks.
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      Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

      How long are you staying in Japan altogether? Have you been to Japan before?

      Personally I wouldn't spend more than one day at Tokyo Disneyland, especially if you've been to Disneyland or The Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. From an objective observer (i.e. not a guy whose name has TDL, TDR, or TDS in it), Tokyo Disneyland is pretty much the same as The Magic Kingdom at WDW except with a better Pooh and a worse Tomorrowland.

      If you've never been to Japan before I would recommend a daytrip in and around the Greater Tokyo area. Still get the 4-day park hopper since it's a good value anyway, but do TDS the first day, Tokyo the second, then park hop the last two days.

      If the 4 days at TDR are separate from a longer Japan vacation, then disregard what I just said.
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        Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

        I agree, slightly. If this is your first time to Japan, take in the culture more so than just TDR. Most people are only lucky to go overseas once, so I would take full advantage of it to absorb the culture and other native interests and beauty.

        And from THIS Objective Observer, TDR has better live entertainment than WDW, so when in the park, make sure you actually set some time aside to watch Big Band Beat or even the Christmas offerings this year around the very large hub. I can't say the same thing about the fireworks, however.
        WARNING: Any opinions expressed by this user are wrong.


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          Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

          We are actually there for three weeks and travelling with our two teenage girls. We have been to Disneyland in LA ten years ago and are not likely to go again. I get tired easily and wont be able to do ten hour days.
          So we are happy with four days at the resort, if it's too much I am sure we could hang around the hotel or find something else to do but I don't think it will be.

          And we do intend to pack a lot of Japanese culture into our trip including staying in Ryokans, visiting temples, hunting for geisha sightings, visiting the Imperial palace etc.
          I guess we will really be spending 17 days in Japan and four days in America (please nobody get offended I am joking)
          We are Aussies anyway so it will all be at least a little "foreign"


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            Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

            Originally posted by dreaming View Post
            I get tired easily and wont be able to do ten hour days.
            Hmmm... that concerns me. There is so so so much to do at TDR that all of your days will be busy with activity. The good thing is that you are visiting during weekeday and on this particular week, there are no national holidays to deal with, so that should make things easier. However, just because it's a weekday.. don't expect an empty park. With "Christmas Fantasy" in full swing... there are extra things to do around the resort, and the local fanbase love those events and the shopping that comes along with it.

            If you really get tired as easily... my recommendation is to plan carefully exactly what you want to do. Remember that at TDL, Fastpasses for many rides do go by noon or early-mid afternoon hours. Getting to the parks late in the morning means not being able to get a FP for earlier hours of the day... Hunny Hunt and Astroblasters being two such popular attractions where FP runs out early. Since you tire easily you say... you may have to give up some of that, as I would, just to stay for the evening programs. At TDL, once Fastpass is distributed for any specific attraction..the stand by lines tend to swell to 90 mins wait or more, which will be time consuming and tiring for anyone without the stamina. Also keep in mind...with the Xmas decor all over the park, in the Hub, on the castle, and with Dreamlights Parade (a must see!) decked out for Xmas this year.. you definitely want to make an honest effort to stay until night time and see all of this, so you can go home with many memories of a very unique Xmastime experience at the resort.

            But remember... the later you arrive at the park, the lesser the chances of enjoy as many Fastpass attractions and the longer the lines can be for some offerings. Just a though...and I do not meant to scare you but, to prepare you for the possibilities of a crowded park, which for many non-japanese visitors... this tends to be the most vocal complaint: LONG LINES. Same for some shows/parades... you have to be there 30-45 mins before show time to get a decent seat.

            At TDS... it's a different story. There will be some Xmas stuff to do, and many of the regular shows will feature special Xmas scenes, like "Big Band Beat" which is a MUST SEE show. At TDS, you can take things at leisure because it's never as crowded at TDL is.. but that doesn't mean that TDS will be boring. Keep in mind, this park is a walking experience as well.

            we are happy with four days at the resort, if it's too much I am sure we could hang around the hotel or find something else to do but I don't think it will be.
            Oh trust me... you won't have to hang out at the hotel. With so much going on at TDR, you will be busy for 4 days and still NOT see everything. This is the reason why I consider TDR a much better value than say... WDW, since you won't need 4 days to see the MK and one other of the 2nd gates at WDW.

            Now... here is my recommendation for your 4 days at TDR...
            Since you are locked into one park only on the 1st and 2nd days of your 4-day passport.. Start with TDL on your first day because that is where you will find the most things to do. Go at your pace and see how much you can accomplish before you are ready to leave for the day. Then make a note of the things you'd like to see again or what you are yet to see for your next visit there.

            The 2nd day.. take it at leisure at TDS, and again.. accomplish as much as you physically can. If necesary, rest well that evening so you can be recharged for the 3rd day.

            On the 3rd day... I would go back to TDL and see how much more you can accomplish during the day, and if feeling strong enough... then head to TDS for the evening and close your day on a lighter, less frenetic note.

            The 4th day.. well.. I would leave that up to your discretion... Make a decision about what you might be interested in doing at either park and take it easy... This is also the day for shopping, and some missed photo ops, or taking in any rides or shows that you must absolutely would love to do again.

            Like I said before.. do make the most of the Christmas schedule and enjoy those special things they have for the season... like TDL's Haunted Mansion Holiday, Small World Holiday, Xmas parade and Castle Illumination show... and at TDS, enjoy the Christmas version of Big Band Beat show and definitely enjoy the simple but elegant "Candlelight Reflections" on the lagoon to close your day. (Not to be confused with the regular lagoon evening show "BraviSEAmo!" which will *also* play during your visit.)

            List of must do things during this time at TDR:

            At TDL:
            -All Christmas related overlaid attractions (Mansion, IASW, Bears), plus xmas parade and castle illumination show..
            -All E-tickets...with Hunny Hunt and Splash Mountain at the top of the list.
            -Some stage shows are a good way to sit for half hour and "One Man's Dream2" or "Minnie O' Minnie".
            -Dreamlight parade at night.
            -Check out the holiday decor and take lots of pics.

            At TDS:
            -Stop and take the splendor of it this is Disney most detailed park in theming and elegance... Photo ops galore here..
            -Do all attractions here as many are very unique to this park.
            -Definitely make time for the lagoon shows. The daytime lagoon show "Legend of Mythica" is Disney's most lavish aquatic parade/show ever produced. Do the evening lagoon shows because they are unique to this park, so this is the only chance you get to enjoy them.
            -"Big Band Beat" and "Mystic Rhythms" are the two stage shows not to be missed, especially BBB since it does have a pretty lavish christmas finale. Arrive early to see later than 30 mins.
            -As an added pleasure.. try the capuccino popcorn!
            -Eat, eat, eat. Lots of great places to eat here. Check out the highly themed shops thru the park as well...

            AND... I think that is all the help I can provide here.
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              Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

              Originally posted by dreaming View Post
              We are actually there for three weeks
              Sounds like an awesome trip! Have fun.

              When you're at TDR just remember to take a break in the middle of the day. Since you are staying at the MiraCosta it should be no problem when you're at TDS. I would get the last batch of Fastpasses around noon or 1, depending on how fast they are going that day, maybe see a show if one is starting soon, make your way to the hotel, then return in a couple hours nice and rested.
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                Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                Thanks again, the help I am getting here is phenomenal.

                I think staying at the Mira Costa will be a big help if I am feeling shattered.

                I am not an old woman or a hypochondriac but have a degenerative disease - one reason for going on such a fantastic (and expensive) family holiday before I can't manage it.
                Nothing to feel sorry for though, I mean how lucky am I???!!! Three whole weeks in Japan with my gorgeous husband and fantastic daughters!

                I am so excited I'm sure the adrenaline rush will help but knowing about fast passes and priority seating and such makes me feel like I will be able to handle it.


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                  Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                  Ok here I am admitting I'm dumb re Disney...but what are e ticket rides? I know pooh and splash are (and I assume Tower also?) big drawcards?

                  Splash will be closed...bummer, but at least it's not Pooh, I think my 16yr old would stage a coup!


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                    Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                    "E-Tickets" is the term we use for the most popular Space/Big Thunder/Splash Mts.. Hunny Hunt and most rides at TDS like,20K, TOT and Journey Into center of the Earth.

                    Trust me also when I say staying at the Miracosta is the best thing you can do for yourself, even if pricey... I mean, youhave your own entrance into TDS (and sometimes early entry into the park as well) and from the TDR Line monorail, you just walk from the station into the hotel in 2 mins.

                    Also if it helps you get around...TDR has also started renting motorized cart for guest who may need them.


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                      Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                      Ok thanks, good to know.

                      One more thing if you wouldn't mind please, could you explain the lottery ticket thing to me please?

                      I found it looking at the halloween plans on the TDR site and I assume they use the same thing for the Christmas parade?

                      Having a seat would be awesome so I would like to try our luck. How do we enter?


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                        Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                        Oh... the dreaded Lotto system at TDL... Well, first up, I am not sure if there will be a lotto used for the castle show this year, unless they plan to do a much bigger stage production like in years past. You see.. unlike at WDW (where guests have to stand) most shows at the castle forecourt at TDL do have numbered bench seating. That is designated "central viewing area". If so, this is what you do..
                        Go to the Lotto center, to the left of Space Mountain, next to the Candy store called Stellar Sweets. The Lotto is opened to ALL day guests.

                        To try your luck at the Lotto, the member playing the lotto should bring ALL the admission tickets for each member of the party. It is all done through touch sensitive TV screens. First, you scan all the tickets, then choose what show (or/and showtime) you are interested in trying to win a reserved seat. Then once the info is in the computer, you hit the play button. The system automatically selects who wins and who looses. If you win, the computer will immediately print seating tickets for the entire family, with reserved seating (numbered seating) on them, and those seats are reserved just for you. No later than 10 mins before showtime.. you show up at the central seating and claim your seats. It's that simple..

                        However, if you loose (which is what happens to the majority of guests) then you are done for the day and must go away empty handed, since the system will only allow you to play the Lotto *ONCE* for the day. The Cast member there will probably say "sorry " to you. That's about it.

                        Now, if you have a disability or happen to be in a wheelchair... I do not believe the system will grant you a winning seat just because, but if I am not mistaken, there is a handicapped area for guests in wheelchairs off to the side of the stage. Not the best viewing spot but it's better than not winning the Lotto.

                        Also, for guests who do not win, they are able to stake a place in the perimeter of the central viewing area and enjoy the show.. but you must be there early to get a good spot. Remember, this is the park where disney fanatics will wait hours in one spot to get a good view of the shows on the castle stage.

                        Now, keep in mind... last year, they did not offer Lotto services for the Castle Illuminations show, and it was standing room only by the stage. It may be the same this year...


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                          Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                          Thanks again TDLFAN you are a font of knowledge!


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                            Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                            It was my pleasure.


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                              Re: how do you think I should divide our four days?

                              Sounds like a fantastic trip dreaming!

                              TDLFAN is the best for all info, i'm , infact, writing it down, for my trip next year, so to go off topic Dreaming, but did you use a travel agent in Australia? Im searching the internet for most things, since all travel agents around here have little about Japan and ZERO on TDR, (Thank goodness for the Mouse sites!!!)

                              Have a great trip!!


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