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Star Wars land at TDR


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  • Star Wars land at TDR

    With Star Wars looking like the next major land francise for a Disney Parks what does everyone think the chances are SWL will head to Tokyo?

    Looking at Google Earth it looks like there is plenty of parking lot space behind space mountain which could be used for a new land, possibly connecting up to the new fantasyland area replacing the Grand Prix raceway

    Timing wise I'm guessing new fantasyland and frozen port will be completed in parallel to SWL stateside so the OLC can gauge the popularity before they start building and if they do build it judging from recent projects it would be plussed

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    Didn't someone here say that Showbase is on its way out and that space will act as a gateway to a new land built into the parking lot behind Space?


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      That's heresay at the moment, but not impossible. After the Fantasyland expansion, Tomorrowland will be TINY, yet here again (just like at Disneyland) we have the problem of Star Tours being somewhere else rather than in a planned Star Wars expansion area.
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        Tokyo might get SWL.but it will be minimal.since grand circuit raceway and showbase will transform into BATB. OLC is still thinking on what to put in TL. SCI-FI CIty is not dead!
        it is just in the shelves. They could put it back and change it up a bit or they are thinking of Tomorrowland like in the movie.
        then again OLCs mind might change if the WDC presents something interesting about Star wars.

        Remember 2013 D23 Tokyo when they are selling both avatar and carsland to Tokyo Disneyland but OLC said no because they have to take out ROA.
        Right now, in OLCs mind is to create more TOKYO ORIGINAL attractions as competition strengthens in the asian Theme park market. as more and more competition are coming in like USJs second gate in Okinawa and SDL or Legoland Nagoya.


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