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Never Built - Manhattan Midway Mania


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  • Never Built - Manhattan Midway Mania

    Hi everyone,

    I stumbled upon the portfolio of Alison Blanchard, an artist/sculpture who has worked for Disney. Among her concept art, she presents figures for "Manhattan Midway Mania", a never-built attraction in TDS. Anyone has more info on this attraction? Was it a precursor to Toy Storie Midway Mania? Or an actual dark-ride (not interactive) like Sinbad?

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    Excellent sleuthing! Perhaps a version of Toy Story Midway Mania that was being considered without the Toy Story overlay, and with three-dimensional figures rather than merely screens. There is a contact button on her page: why don't you write and ask her!
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      It is very interesting indeed, and I really enjoy her other models too. I wonder if she had some confidentiality clause (with Disney, she probably did). I really cannot find any other information about this attraction online.


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        Alison's work includes this paperboy maquette:

        Going back to an old Jim Hill article on expansion concepts for the park's early years, you'll find the same paperboy in 2-D:

        It's for a concept that pre-dated Midway Mania by years and was actually called "Manhattan Motor Mania": a set-based, original darkride for American Waterfront.

        While we're on the topic, that same Jim Hill article features another pic of a revolving house ride that would have gone in the Columbia (assuming in Turtle Talk's place) themed to a storm at sea:


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          Interesting! Thank you very much!

          Manhattan Motor Mania sounds like an updated version of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Although Toy Story Midway Mania makes sense due to the popularity of the franchise, I will always- always prefer physical sets to screens, especially if they use 3D.

          The revolving house ride would have just been a themed version of a popular ride mechanic used in several other theme parks. It would have been a neat addition as well!

          This also makes me think, do you think Alison is an imagineer? Or else, why would Disney outsource their artwork to an external artist? They do this with most of they AA's now as well, which is funny considering they came up with the technology in the first place!


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            I wish Tokyo Disney Sea had this attraction.


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              Originally posted by DLR92 View Post
              I wish Tokyo Disney Sea had this attraction.
              The more attractions, the merrier!


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