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Just got back - a few questions


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  • Just got back - a few questions

    We were at the parks from Wednesday, Dec. 3 through Saturday, December 5. The crowds were decent, weather was cold and often windy (just one day of rain), enjoyed the parades and Christmas entertainment, and discovered the Sailing Day Buffet (and had time to explore more of Tokyo Station). We were surprised at the long lines for hot Rose wine. I have two questions if anyone can answer them:
    - Is there a reason there were so many school kids in uniform at that time? There were a lot of kids in the park as well as staying at the Hilton Tokyo Bay (plus a big Microsoft Cloud meeting).
    - What is being constructed next door to the Hilton Tokyo Bay? We couldn't tell if it was parking or demolition.

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    We where there back and May and school kids, specially girls, were out in droves. They either don't have class on a particular weekday, or they just cut class to go to the parks I guess?
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      Cutting class is not a common thing in Japanese society.

      Most of the time you see large groups of school aged children is because they are there on "shugaku ryokou" which is the term in Japanese for school field trip.

      Here is a link that explains in general what shugaku ryokou is.


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        Even if kids aren't on shugaku ryokou, it's not uncommon for them to be out in public in uniforms. You probably noticed that matching parties were common and the school uniform is an easy way to match. There's also an identity and pride that comes with the uniform. In Japan, getting into high school is determined by performance (there are good and bad high schools) so to many students, the uniform is a symbol of accomplishment.


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          Thanks for your responses and for the link Roger55. We were a little surprised to see kids in uniform on the weekend at the park, but school pride makes a lot of sense (although it was pretty cold and some of the girls were in skirts - brrrr). We saw a group of high schoolers at Tokyo Station and they were lined up and very well behaved as they awaited their directions for when they would move to their destination. I don't know about you all, but the older I get, the less I'm willing to stand in line even if the people watching is great. On Thursday, the standby time for Tower of Terror was 200 minutes. Yikes.


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            The building beside the Hilton was the Tokyo Bay NK Hall. I had Googled it after and staying at the Hilton a couple of times and always seeing that the parking lot was empty and never saw any activity around the building. It was used for concerts, theater, some sporting events, etc. Oriental Land Company has taken over ownership based on what I read and I think it is being demolished. I've yet to come across what may be built in its place


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              Thanks LizCatMom. There seemed to be a lot of building or renovation going on, including what might be an extension of the Sheraton. Hopefully all good stuff!


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