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DisneySea Exhibit at D23


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  • DisneySea Exhibit at D23

    Thanks for putting the above report together!

    I had been hoping someone would document the D23 DisneySea history exhibits, but had heard that photography is (perplexingly) forbidden, so I'm very pleased was able to get some decent resolution shots of the exhibit and the model.

    It's mindblowing to think about how much incredible art & design went into creating TDS and only a fraction has - or will - be been seen by the public. I wish every park had a permanent "making-of" museum with models, art and media like this. There are a bunch of never-before-seen pieces in this exhibit and I'm wondering if any other Japanese website you know of may have gotten shots of these in high-resolution (like the overhead piece (with the birds) of Lost River Delta):

    Also, it looks like Nautilus Dining Room with undersea window was considered at one point for Mysterious Island:

    Really cool to see all the myriad of little differences in this phase of the park's design versus what was built (note the mystery building adjacent to Indy):


    Again, if anyone knows of any other Japanese blogs/sites that have hi-res pics of this exhibit, I'd be obliged.
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