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Buying two 1-Day tickets separately to get to both parks in one day? Bad idea???


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  • Buying two 1-Day tickets separately to get to both parks in one day? Bad idea???

    I've been to TDR a few times and always had a few days to visit the parks. This time however I'm visiting with someone who's never been to the parks at all, and we're very short on time.

    I KNOW that you cannot buy a one day two park pass and the only technical way to do it is to buy a 3-day pass...BUT is there any way to just buy two one day passes per person for the same day? or is that also heavily regulated?
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    nevermind, it looks like I can do a starlight passport for the day I'm going
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      I'm going to answer this since it's a question others may have. Yes you can buy two one day tickets, one for each park to visit both parks in the same day. Current price if you buy both is 14,800 Yen, or around $140 given todays conversion rate
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        Here's the problem with buying a one-day ticket for both parks for the same day (because I've tried this). Because of the crowds, and the way the Japanese swallow-up FastPasses so quickly, the second park ticket won't do you any good unless you don't mind standing for 90 to 120 minutes online for most attractions at the second park you go to that day.
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          I did this and it worked well, but I also went in February on a weekday. It was not that crowded. Waited 90 minutes for JTTCOE but otherwise, no long lines and did all the unique attractions at both.


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